Hannes Androsch Prize 2011

Deadline: 31/01/2011
Open to: outstanding written work, a scientifically based article in the social sciences field
Award: € 100,000

The Hannes Androsch Prize will be awarded for an outstanding written work, a scientifically based article in the social sciences field to the following issue:

“A Global Challenge to our Social Future. The Design of a Social Security System which can Cope with the Dual Threat of Demographic Developments and Financial Market Risk”.

Entries should include a thorough analysis of the social welfare system. They should also provide proposals for an alternative design, which would optimise the magnitude and stability of pensions over time, and confront the double challenge of demographic developments and financial market risk.

Additional information on the Hannes Androsch Prize, sponsored by the Hannes Androsch Foundation at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, is available on the website of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Application Procedure

1. Written Work
Applicants must submit an outstanding written work on the topic of the Prize.

2. Language

3. Publication
With the submission of a written work, the applicant agrees to the following conditions if awarded the Prize:
a. The applicant transfers all rights of use to his work exclusively to the Austrian Academy of Sciences publishing house, which, according to the principles of Open Access, will publish the work in both paper and electronic form. With the awarding of the Prize, all potential claims which arise or could arise from any possible exploitation of the work awarded by the Prize, in particular in its entirety or in shortened or modified form, are satisfied and fully settled.
b. The applicant will participate in the public award ceremony on the date to be decided by the Hannes Androsch Foundation and the applicant will on this occasion give a lecture on the award wining paper. Reasonable travel and accommodation costs will be borne by the Hannes Androsch Foundation.
c. The applicant accepts the decision of the international jury under preclusion of the due process of law.

Documents to be submitted: Together with the work, the following documents are to be sent to the Prize Committee:
a. Completed Application Form
b. The manuscript with a summary
c. Curriculum Vitae
d. Presentation of scientific accomplishments
e. List of Publications

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