Czech Language Summer School, Pilsen

21th   I N T E R N A T I O N A L   S U M M E R    L A N G U A G E    S C  H O O L
July 12th –  30th 2010

Deadline: 05/05/2010 and 17/05/2010
Open to:
international students who study Czech language at their home university (institution)
tuition, accommodation, full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), excursions, afternoon and evening programmes. The scholarship does not include: travel to/from Pilsen, health insurance and visa.

The International Summer Language School (ISLS) is organised by the International Office, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic.

ISLS offers two types of scholarships:

* government scholarship,
* ISLS scholarship for students from Central and Eastern Europe.

Both scholarships are announced for international students who study Czech language at their home university (institution) and will study Czech language at ISLS too.

Application process – government scholarship
Deadline: 17/05/2010

1. You apply through governmental organization in your country and you submit paper application form.
2. After approval of your paper application by Ministry of Education in Czech Republic and by ISLS administration office you are asked to fill in electrical application form for ISLS use.

You are advised to send the completed electrical Application form to the school organisers by May 17, 2010 at the latest in order to reserve your place in the Summer School. But please, do not hesitate to apply after the deadline. If any spots are available, we will inform you about your acceptance to the program even after the scheduled deadline.

Application process – ISLS scholarship for students from C. and E. Europe
Deadline: 05/05/2010

Eligible applicants:
– nationality of a country from Central (V4 countries) and Eastern European Countries
(also from a lower developed country outside Europe)
– older than 18 years (no upper limit)
– scholarship is determined only for participation in the course Czech for Foreigners
– study of Czech studies, Czech language or Czech culture and other relative fields of study (currently studying or already passed at home university/institution abroad, eventually in the Czech Republic)

Documents that must be submitted before May 5, 2010:
– CV (structured)
– Letter of Interest/Motivation Letter (with statement of the incentives that led to the application)
– Essay on one of the offered topic:
– My experience with Czech language
– Why just Czech language is focus of my attention
– Other relevant enclosures: certificate of Czech language, Recommendation Letters, etc.

Documents should be written in Czech or English language.

All the required documents have to be sent in electronical form to the e-mail address:
For additional information please contact:  Ms Petra Tausl Prochazkova.

Results of selection process will be announced in 2 weeks after application deadline.

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