Training of Trainers – Developing Creativity

REACH and MIRACLE FACTORY are organizing a training for trainers from 5 till 13 july 2010 in Belgrade, Serbia.

The main aim is increasing the quality and impact of trainings and trainers’ work in the European youth field through advance development of creative competences of trainers and experienced youthworkers.

Deadline: 15/04/2010
Open to:
trainers and youth leaders from EU-countries and South-East Europe


  • to clearly link creative personality traits and competences with values of European Union and Youth in Action programme – openness, tolerance to ambiguity, embarking unknown, empowerment, entrepreneurship, change management, empathy and cultural diversity appreciation
  • to gain understanding of levels of creativity in looking at phenomena
  • to explore concept of creativity and its’ consequences in training/nonformal education
  • to explore, experience and understand personal and group-team creativity
  • to explore supporters and censors of creativity
  • to increase emotional competences, capacity for play, risktaking, surrender and tolerance to ambiguity of trainers as special part of creative competences
  • to link creativity with motivation and empowerment
  • to link creativity with building of European society

A trainer is its own tool for work, so the quality of work in large existent depends on trainers’ personal development and his/her emotional/cognitive/creative capacities. The level of change trainer can allow or motivate in group of participants depends on his/her personal capacities to embark change in life. Increasing creativity of trainers – connection to his/her own passions, competences needed to bring about dreams in reality, emotional capacities, tolerance to ambiguity – will increase influence trainers could have in developing creativity of participants and their further actions in building creative society.
Methodology is based on creativity concept in understanding human beings (Homo Ludens) and man’s capacities to create and re-create existing realities (inner or outer) through his creative thoughts and actions.


The food, accommodation and all other project costs will be fully provided and paid by the organizers, as well as 70% of travels costs (airplane).  Further details on travel amounts allowed to be spent for each country will be sent to successful applicants. 30% of travel costs have to be paid by participants or their sending organisations.


You can download the application form here and send it to:

For more information, click here and here.

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