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The University of Granada (Universidad de Granada, UGR) is benefiting from the beauty of its environment and geographical location in the city of Granada, southern Spain. In Granada, there are four University Campuses, as well as the “Campus Centro”, in which all the centres spread throughout the historic part of the city are brought together. Over 60,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students study at the UGR, with another 20,000 students taking additional courses, language courses, summer courses etc. At present, courses for 75 different qualifications are taught in the 28 teaching centres of the UGR. The courses are taught across 116 departments. The Postgraduate School offers 68 master’s courses, 116 doctorate programmes and 113 additional courses. The UGR has more than 600 mobility agreements signed with European Higher Education institutions and the ERASMUS mobility programmes and is the leading European university in terms of receiving international students.

International Relations

The UGR was awarded the Erasmus Programme’s Gold Star in 2007. It currently receives more students on this Programme (about 2000) than any other European university and it is one of the European universities that send the most students to other institutions (about 1650).

The  Vice-Rector’s Office for International Relations  is responsible for planning, managing and coordinating the UGR’s international relations. It is also responsible for promoting, expanding and managing international academic cooperation programmes. The UGR has an International Relations Office to manage the various activities. More info.

International Students

The importance of the presence of international students is demonstrated by the 606 mobility agreements signed with European Higher Education institutions and the ERASMUS mobility programmes; the UGR is the leading European university in terms of receiving students and the second Spanish university in terms of the mobility of its own students. The University is also involved in major exchange programmes with universities in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Mediterranean countries, Australia, Oceania and Asia.

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If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student at a university that has signed a Collaboration Agreement with the University of Granada, you may be eligible for a study period at our institution.

– Students should be officially nominated for study at the University of Granada by their home
university’s international co-ordinator.
– Study periods are usually for one semester or one academic year.


– The home university’s international co-ordinator should send the following documents for each student nominated:
– Nomination form.
– Photocopy of passport.
– Photocopy of Official Transcript of Records.


There are 2 deadlines by which documents should be sent:
– 1st semestre or full academic year: 30 April.
– 2nd semestre: 31 October.

– To be accepted by the University of Granada as an Exchange Student, the Faculty or School where you wish to enrol must give its prior consent.

– The University of Granada organises student orientation sessions the week before each semester
is due to commence. As an incoming student, you are strongly recommended to attend these
meetings, since this is when you will register for your student card and be given valuable information
on all the services offered by the University.

Read more in International Student Guide (pdf)


Scholarships of The Ministry of Education, Sports and Social Policy
The Ministerio de Educación announces scholarships annually to students who attend Higher Education Institutions in any of the following Spanish Degree valid among the national territory:
– University studies leading to Bachelor’s Degree, Graduate, Engineer and Technical Architect, Masters and Officers.
– Course in preparation for university entrance for over 25 years offered by public universities.
– Higher Artistic Teaching
– Religious Studies
– Military Studies

Foreign students must provide:
– The non-EU students must prove their residence status (residence registration with NIE), with the exception of those who apply for these grants and are in a regulated situation.
– From students who are nationals of a Member State of the European Union is required that the student or their supporters are working in Spain.

Scholarship scheme for academic exchange between EU & Candidate countries and Western Balkan countries. Scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral students and staff financed by the European Commission. The scholarship will cover travel, insurance, possible tuition, living expenses and housing. JoinEU-SEE website.


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