Taking IT Global

Deadline: 10/04/2010
Open to:
young people between 16-32
Format: Images (photography, painting, digital graphics) through our Global Gallery

Do you feel part of an emerging global youth culture? If so, how is it affecting you and others in your community, country and region? What factors influence your sense of identity and belonging? How has technology and new media shaped your understanding of global culture? In what ways do you promote dialogue and understanding among youth in your region and around the world? Global Gallery is a platform for artistic expression that aims to promote cross-cultural understanding worldwide.

– Global Culture and Values: Do you think that there is an emerging common set of global values and if so, how would you define them? Are we heading in a direction towards increased individualism or a shared common humanity?

– Local Culture vs Global Culture: Do you feel that local cultures are being threatened by a dominant global culture or is a new global culture rooted and created on the basis of diverse and converging local influences? Is your world view influenced more by your regional outlook, local community or global network?

– Global Youth Culture and Social Media: How has the wide-spread access to digital social media influenced and shaped the world views of youth? Has interconnectivity led to greater intercultural communications and dialogue or are the gaps of understanding widening?

General Requirements
– TakingITGlobal/Youth for Change members between the ages 16-32 from all countries, with a particular focus on youth in the MENA region.
– Participants can submit different types of writing (article/poem/short story) in Arabic, English and French.
– Only original work that has not been published elsewhere before will be accepted
– All participants should agree to grant TakingITGlobal and the partners a non-exclusive license to copy, digitize, store, distribute, publish, display, stream, advertise, promote or otherwise use all or part of their submissions in connection with the contest.

– All submissions should include the title of the artwork, description, type (Photo, Picture, Graphic Image, Flash animation) and should not be less than (800x 600 pixels ) and the file size should not exceed (4000 Kb).

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