Photography Made Easy, Ukraine

Deadline: 04/04/2010
Participation fee:
120 euro

Date: 19.04.2010 – 25.04.2010
Type: Training Course
Topic: Training in the art and science of photography
Created by: AEGEE-Kharkiv
No. of participants: 20

Spend a week practicing your photography skills. You will start with basic photography course moving through landscape, portrait and commercial to conceptual art photography. Several professional photographers will follow along to provide you deep understanding of the subject.

“Photography made easy” will tell you everything you wanted to know about photography. Starting from basic technical details of camera usage, several great trainers and professionals will guide you to all the possible nuances in the photography art. The event will include five key trainings:

he event will include five key trainings:

Basic course
The history of photography. Types and main technical characteristics of modern cameras. Fundamentals of composition.

Landscape and nature photography
Basic technique for landscape photography. Photography in extreme conditions.

Portrait photography
Types of portrait: classic portrait, business portrait, children portrait, family portrait, group portrait. Usage of light in studio portrait photography.

Advertising and still life photography
Types and equipment for still life photography. HOW TO: create a photo studio at your home using expedient means. Creative approach to still life photography.

Photojournalism and editorial photography
The historical importance of photojournalism. Technique for field photography. Media laws and the rights of a photographer.

In the spare time, you will have a chance to see Kharkiv and its surroundings on the city tour and during couple of the trips we have planned. You will get to know Ukrainian culture, food and partying. AEGEE-Kharkiv team is eagerly waiting for you to come and join our event.

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