Scholarships to study in Greece

The Hellenic Government offers scholarships for foreign nationals for academic year 2010-2011,
and for the Hellenic language and civilization 2010 summer seminar.

Deadline: 31/3/2010
Open to: Students from 44 different countries
Fund: between EUR 500 and 550

Scholarships are offered for:

  • Undergraduate studies
  • Postgraduate studies
  • Research
  • Hellenic laguage and civilization 2010 summer seminar


Students from 44 different countries can apply. The amount of scholarships that are available for each country can be found here.


Undergraduate studies
For scholarship holders about to follow a full cycle of undergraduate studies in Greece, a scholarship grant initially of one(1) academic year shall be granted in order to follow Greek language lessons (if they do not have a language certificate) and be prepared for the final language exam, which they should pass successfully. In case they fail, scholarship is automatically discontinued, and the scholarship holder is obliged to return to his country of origin. In case they succeed, scholarship is granted for a full cycle of undergraduate studies, renewed every year.

Postgraduate studies and research
These scholarships address to Higher Educational Institute graduates who wish to attend postgraduate studies or research in public Greek Universities or recognized Greek Research Centers. In any case know the Greek language and be accepted to a postgraduate studies program.

Each scholarship holder is obliged, throughout scholarship program to be in Greece and be engaged solely to the program studies which is been submitted and approved by the Office.

Candidates for research should be fluent in Greek or English or French language. The term “research” includes preparation for a doctorate or postdoctorate thesis, as well as any other form of scientific research except medical specialization.

Scholarship holders can make use of a scholarship only during the period of the specific academic year, for which scholarship is been granted.

Hellenic laguage and civilization 2010 summer seminar
The place and time of the seminar shall be notified by the end of February 2010.
The scholarship shall cover all expenses (tuition fees, accommodation, food allowance, boarding of scholars, as well as their participation in cultural events), except for traveling expenses to and from the country. These expenses shall be paid to the organizers of the seminar directly by the State Scholarship Foundation of Greece.

Financial benefits for undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship holders:

a) Monthly allowance:
500€, for scholarship holders following undergraduate studies and
550€, for scholarship holders following postgraduate studies or research.

b) One-off allowance for settlement expenses:
500€, for those who shall be settled to Athens and
550€, for those who shall be settled to the province.

The scholarship holders whose scholarship is been renewed are not entitled to this amount.

c) One-off amount of 150€ annually for covering transportation expenses within the country for postgraduate students or researchers who are obliged to move from their place of residence, in order to execute the research program approved by our Office and as long as there is a justified proposal by their Supervisor.

d) Exemption from tuition fees only for undergraduate studies.


Interested persons should address the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Education of their country of origin- in very few cases the Greek embassy in their country- which are competent for application collection, the proposed candidates’ selection and the forwarding of files to the Office. Candidacy files sent without a forward note from the candidate’s country shall not be taken into consideration and shall be returned to candidate scholarship holders only if requested for a duration of one year.

The proposals made by competent authorities for each country, along with the proposed candidate files should arrive in no later than March 31st 2010. However, it is noted that each country shall determine by itself the closing dates for application submission which shall not coincide to the final closing date of file consignment to Greece and interested persons should address the services of their own country. All available information regarding the initial submission service abroad can be found to the Hellenic Ministry’s website under scholarships to foreign nationals within the framework of Bilateral Educational Programs.

The Greek Office shall notify the competent authorities with the scholarship approval decision for the proposed persons no later than June 30th 2010 (on the condition that candidate files are full).

Information about the required documents and the application form can be found in this file.

You can also check the website.

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  1. Hi! My name is Maryem and I am from Tunisia.Well I study here in a pilot school and this is my last year,here we call it "the bac exam". I want to continue my studies abroad after school and i don't have any clue about what should I do.And I am really interested with the scholarship you offer.

    I will be thankful if you give some information.

    Thank you,


  2. Hi!

    My name is Jelena and I am from Serbia.

    I'm fourth year of high school, gimansium.

    I would like to study architecture in Greece, in Thessaloniki, but I don't have any information about it.

    What should I do? Where should I study? What exams do I need to pass? Do you offer some schoolarships and what are preconditions of getting one?

    I will be thankful if you help me with some informations…

    Thank you!

    Greetings from Serbia!!

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