Euro-Mediterranean University courses, Slovenia

The Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI University) has launched a Call for students/participants to attend courses in the programme Euro Mediterranean Studies.

Registration deadline:

3 courses will be carried out, participants can apply for one, two or three courses:

Euro-Mediterranean International Relations

Portorož, Slovenia: 15 – 27 February, 2010 (5 ECTS)

The main aim of this course is to broaden the participants’ understanding of Euro-Mediterranean relations and cooperation. With this course, the participants will gain the necessary knowledge and understanding to be able to critically examine international relations theory and practice, incorporating interdisciplinary perspectives from economy, law, history, culture and policy.

Geographical Perspectives and Tourist Regions

Portorož, Slovenia: 15 – 27 February, 2010 (5 ECTS)

The basic aim of the course is to deepen the understanding of the processes and factors which form the rural landscape. The focus is placed on the understanding of the influence of the EU policy on the functional, social, environmental changes in rural areas. Special emphasis is put on the tourism as activity, which contributes to preservation and revitalization of rural areas (case study: Mediterranean area). Students will be introduced with the main characteristics of tourist development in EU, factors of development, connections between a landscape’s potentials and the new trends in tourist regions industry, especially in the Mediterranean and in the Alps.

Arabic as a Language of Intercultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean

Portorož, Slovenia: 1 – 6 March 2010 (5 ECTS)

Language is defined as a social institution, a cultural social experience and a world view; initially the members of a society use it to communicate their thoughts and feelings to one another. But considering the world changes, such a definition is inadequate, as language has to be the main tool for bridging between cultures. The course will therefore focus on language as a tool for intercultural dialogue and will introduce students with basic knowledge of spoken and written Arabic.

Financial aid
Registration fee: 100 EUR | Tuition fee: 200 EUR (for each course)
Fees cover the course, various study materials and social activities.

Participants can ask for financial aid for the tuition fee and/or accommodation in the
Student Residence. Grants will be awarded on the basis of recommendation letter
and grade point average of current or previous study.

For detailed information about the course and e-registration visit EMUNI web page.

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