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REVOLVE wants you to be involved!

We want original and constructive essays about the Balkans, including the accession processes of Bosnia and Croatia, and the controversial status of Turkey and Cyprus.

REVOLVE is about advancing positive change. Within the context of North-South relations, we provide concise and insightful content to advance new ways of viewing international politics, opening investment opportunities, promoting emerging artists, and debating unresolved hot-spots.
Revolve is more than just another magazine: we are a growing network of involved citizens and interested companies that share a common goal around the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

We promote projects, people, and places to open productive paths towards a more sustainable future.

REVOLVE is honored to publish “Romania: The Stolen Revolution by Boštjan Videmšek with photos from Jure Eržen. As with each Political Essay, we will have both the original language, in this case Slovenian, with the English translation. For the Artist Profile, REVOLVE is pleased to have the Syrian sculptor, Issa Kazah, interviewed by the Syrian journalist, Nadia Muhanna, to appear in early 2010 in Arabic and English. Forthcoming artists are from Afghanistan and Palestine.

Stuart Reigeluth
Editor, Revolve
Revolve Magazine

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