Athens Video Art Festival Call for entries

Athens Video Art Festival, Greece’s biggest festival of digital arts and new media, invites you to participate and present your work at “Technopolis” of the City of Athens. Athens Video Art Festival will continue with its scheduled tour on the Greek Region from May to September 2010.

Athens Video Art Festival is Greece’s official festival on video art and at the same meets the requirements of people from the full spectrum of creativity. During its course it has won the respect of artists, organizations and public which is massively present every year. Through its versatile action Athens Video Art Festival constitutes a field of promotion and a link between the artists and the audience inside and outside Greece.

Every year Athens Video Art Festival evolves, enriches and sets new goals, raising the bar higher, brings out its academic side and enhances it through important tributes and collaborations, provides the artistic community with additional motive for creation presents international cutting-edge developments on the field of digital arts and communicates them to the wide audience.

Our goal remains the expression through a versatile cultural event open to any form of expression of the digital creation.

Main Categories :
Video Art, Animation, Video Installation, Installation, Digital Image, Web Art, Performance Art

Optional Thematic:
With “Feel Free to Feel Green” as a starting point, Athens Video Art Festival will present art works that investigate the relationship between the modern human and the environment. With respect to visual creation as well as the important ecological and environmental issues of our times, Athens Video Art Festival invites contemporary artists create works and inspire, submitting their own views on these matters. With the goal of public awareness and action involving environmental issues, the eco-sensitive works of all the categories of Athens Video Art Festival will meet in a special three day event and address a wide public, open to stimulation and interested in new media. This way, and with the new forms of digital arts as a vehicle, we aim to enforce the modern conception of the pubic in matters of ecological sensitivity.

This thematic is optional.

There is no entry fee.

– The duration of the video should not exceed 15 minutes.
– The video must be submitted in DVD (PAL) format or video file. In the case of video file, it should not be bigger than 1 Gb and should be either in avi, mpeg or quicktime format.
– The artists have the right to participate with more than one video, with a maximum of four videos.
– A separate entry form must be completed for each video.
– Each artist is allowed to participate in more than one category. A separate entry form must be completed for each category.

Please print and fill in the entry form and mail it together with the data cd described above and your video to the address below:

Deadline: 15th February 2010

Multitrab Productions For the Athens Video Art Festival
Ilias Chatzichristodoulou
Flemming 7
14342 Nea Philadelphia
tel: Greece

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