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oslo_logoSituated in Norway’s capital and established in 1811, University of Oslo is the oldest and largest university of Norway. It currently welcomes around 30,000 students. University of Oslo consists of the following faculties: Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Social Sciences, and Faculty of Education. Its structural division also includes a number of additional units such as the University Library, the Museums, Units directly under The University Board, the Central Administration, etc. For a more comprehensive list of units at the University of Oslo visit its official website.

How to apply

Students can apply for Master’s degree programs taught in English. Note that Bachelor’s degree studies at the University of Oslo are only possible in Norwegian. A complete list of all courses offered at the University of Oslo can be found here. PhD studies are also offered.
International students need to meet some basic requirements in order to apply and be accepted at University of Oslo. One of these is to prove their English language proficiency.
Application procedures for Master’s and Bachelor’s degree studies are different. To find out how to apply for Master’s degree studies follow this link. For information related to Bachelor’s degree studies taught in Norwegian click here.
For further information contact the International Education Office.


Exchange students and scholarships

Students are not subject to tuition fees since University of Oslo is a public higher education institution. International students can apply for grants covering their living costs through the Quota Scheme or NORAD’s Programme for Master Studies (NOMA). Detailed information about these two programmes and some additional ones can be found here. Moreover, some international students are entitled to apply for a study loan through the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. For further information refer to this link .
University of Oslo is a member of the Erasmus Mundus mobility program and has signed a number of bilateral agreements with partner institutions. A comprehensive list of all the programs you can apply for as an international student can be found here.
Dedicated to promoting intercultural understanding, University of Oslo organizes The International Summer School (ISS).
An interesting initiative to support international students is the so-called Buddy System.
Central Address:
The University of Oslo (UiO)
Boks 1072 Blindern
NO-0316 OSLO


Official website

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  1. Havn't consider university of olso as my choice,i want you to send me all the data i need to study as an electrical/electronic engineering,at bachelor's can contact me at 2,artillary street off siluko road,benin city,edo state,nigeria. Looking forward for urgent reply.

  2. Agbonghale,

    Mladiinfo only operates as a youth portal that publishes information about various studying possibilities. We cannot help you in the application process; you should contact the university directly.



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