Fontys University Scholarships

For first year students who start their full 4-year Bachelor program at Fontys Universiy ICT college or Fontys University Engineering college in September 2010 Fontys offers talented* non-European students an extra Scholarship of 2000 Euro.

Deadline: 01/06/2010
Open to: students who want to study ICT or Engineering
Scholarships: partial

Together with the ‘standard’ scholarship of 3500 Euro this will reduce your tuition and departmental fees to 1700 Euro.

*talented means : You must have achieved good secondary school study results with an average mark of 70% or higher for the science-related subjects

Tuition Fees for the complete Bachelor program:

* In the first year tuition Fees will be lowered to 1700 Euro (= 7200 regular fee – 3500 standard scholarship- 2000 extra scholarship)
* If you achieve your propedeutic certificate in the first year then you will also receive this extra scholarship for the second year. So again you will only pay 1700 Euro Tuition Fees.
* In the 3rd and 4th year the Tuition Fee will be 3700 Euro, but this will be compensated with an internship allowance of about 1500 Euro.
* Students who start in the second year are not eligible to receive this extra scholarship

Required for all programmes :

IELTS score 6.0 or TOEFL score 550 in the English language or a native English speaker.

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    You are offering great help to the NON-European students in making their future by getting higher education with your esteemed instituion – FONTYS UNIVERSITY. This is helping/ adding high skilled manpower not only Holland but the whole world economy particularly inthe era of recession in the world around.

    Yours faithfully,



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