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The Communication & Media Program at UNYP

Located in the vibrant heart of the Czech Republic, the University of New York in Prague offers a Communication & Media program. This program serves as a nurturing ground for the upcoming generation of thinkers and innovators, adept at navigating the rapidly evolving global landscape.

The program’s standout feature is its dual-degree collaboration with the State University of New York, Empire State University. This partnership gives students the opportunity to acquire an American degree alongside their European qualification, right within the cultural richness of Europe. Consequently, it opens doors to a variety of career possibilities in the diverse landscapes of the American and European job markets.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to challenge and expand students’ perspectives. Electives such as ‘Visual Culture’ and ‘Social Media Marketing’ go beyond theoretical knowledge, offering hands-on experiences where creativity and strategic thinking are applied in real-world contexts.

A prime example of this practical approach is the ‘Political Communication’ course, where students are actively engaged in creating real-life political campaigns, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge in pragmatic scenarios.

“Our program is a journey for those who seek to create and innovate,” says Todd Nesbitt, Dean of the School of Communication and Media.

Our graduates are a testament to the program’s efficacy, seamlessly transitioning into various roles across communication, media, marketing, public relations, and beyond. Furthermore, the diverse skillset and comprehensive knowledge they acquire pave the way for success in numerous sectors, as evidenced by our alumni’s achievements in various industries.

We invite prospective students and professionals to explore this unique educational experience, either by visiting our campus or by contacting our admissions team for further information. Ultimately, your path to excellence in the world of communication and media begins here.

For more information related to this program please visit the official website of UNYP.