Sarajevo Innovations Festival 2020

Deadline: 23 October 2020
Open to: anyone
Benefits: free online workshop and lecture


Student association of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo – ⁠ STELEKS is organizing the fourth Sarajevo Innovation Festival (SIFI) 2020. Sarajevo Innovation Festival (SIFI) 2020 is is a project for young innovators in the field of electrical engineering, information technology,  mechanical engineering, etc. Due to the current COVID-⁠19 pandemic, SIFI 2020 will be held on the online platform on 24th October 2020. The participants of the festival come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Slovenia.

Although the due date for the paper submission passed, on the day of the event they will organize a lecture and a workshop. The workshop “Design thinking” will be facilitated by Rhys Phillips in English, and the lecture about AI by Jovan Stojanović in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. Only the Workshop will be held in English, the rest of the program will be held in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian.

More about the lecturers:
Tech entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience in the field of software and AI related products and services. Believer in hard work, creativity, and innovation. I have always tried to combine conventional things in a new impossible order. My passion for innovation, creativity, and difference lead me to my hobbies that reshaped my world, boxing and surrealism painting. Passion for creation always makes me wonder how our future world will look like, and because of that i am learning, educating and creating AI.
Founder and CEO Wonderland AI Summit. Also founder of Serbian AI Society. 

Having studied Mathematics & Physics at Cardiff University, Rhys Phillips spent over ten years working in R&T at Airbus, both in the UK and France, where research interests were in the field of electromagnetics, more specifically around lightning protection, fuel electrostatics and wireless power transfer. He recently moved into a new role, leading change management activity on a major internal IT project within Airbus’ Digital Workplace environment. Rhys is also an internal innovation trainer at Airbus, facilitating workshops on a range of innovation methods. He is an award winning science presenter and radio host, and having been identified as one of the UK’s Top 100 in Manufacturing in 2019, has recently been accepted onto the Franco-British Young Leaders Programme. Rhys has a passion for giving back to the engineering sector and is an active volunteer for the Institution of Engineering & Technology, European Young Engineers and the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. Away from work, he can be found playing trumpet with various music groups around Toulouse.  

Workshop description
Design Thinking provides Innovators with the ability to discover and shape real customer needs and value, which are the foundations of Innovation. Design Thinkers pose the right questions to the right people, work visually, generate many ideas, prototype, exploit feedback and iterate fast – they focus on “the right things” to innovate. You will be given a short introduction into Design Thinking and why to apply it in innovation projects. In a first exercise we will experience what it means to focus on “desirability” aspects of innovating and apply “quick and simple” prototyping as a means to communicate about new ideas. This method framework can be used for product, service and process innovations. The primer will give you a first idea about when and how to use customer-/user-centric methods in innovation projects. What does my customer actually desire? What kind of solution will delight him/her. What kind of methods can I use to find out more about it? How do I approach my customers? Design Thinking needs to be experienced in order to understand the capabilities of the methods. The primer is targeting at your motivation to try it out yourself.
The workshop involves some practical exercises where you will build something – therefore you need to ensure you have some building materials around you. There’s no fixed list but I recommend things like boxes, pens, scissors, masking tape / glue, sheets of paper & card, plastic bottles & bottle tops, wooden sticks, string etc.

Think about your last experiences. When have you been delighted or disappointed as a user or customer? Why?

This workshop lasts 2 hours.


The workshop is open to anyone.


No participation fee is required, the workshop is free for anyone who will register.

How to apply?

Register here. 
For more infromation please visit the official website.