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Master and Doctoral Programmes at Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Slovenia

Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana (FRI), is one of the leading institutions in Europe in computer and information science research. FRI moved to totally new and modern facilities, creating a dynamic and innovative environment. There are currently 19 laboratories at FRI and our researchers are working on several projects from different research fields, such as artificial intelligence, data mining and biosciences.

Master programmes

There are several master’s programmes offered by FRI, where is notorious the emphasis put on interdisciplinarity and cooperation with other departments either nationally and internationally. Courses are held in English.

Students can choose between:

  • Computer and information Science
  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Multimedia
  • Computer Science education
  • Cognitive Science

Doctoral programme

The doctoral’s programmes offered by FRI are the perfect combination of professional and academic career, enabling students to choose the path that best suits them. Courses are held in English.

Online info for PhD studies
You can learn more about the PhD programmes, through the presentation broadcasted online from the Faculty’s youtube channel, where international students posed their questions and commentaries and get an on-the-spot and personalised answer.


Eligibility and Admission Criteria

Master’s programme in Computer and Information Science

Enrolment is open to anyone who completed successfully a Bachelor’s programme in Computer and Information Science or related field of studies (natural or technological sciences).

Doctoral’s programme in Computer and Information Science

Enrolament is open to anyone who have completed successfully:

  • A second cycle master’s programme;
  • A vocational study programme regulated by EU directives or any other uniform master’s study programme evaluated at 300 ECTS;
  • A university study programme adopted before 11 June 2004;
  • A professional study programme adopted before 11 June 2004 and study programmes leading to a specialisation. Prior to enrolment, candidates must complete study requirements in the scope of up to 60 ECTS from the second-cycle Computer and Information Science study programme. Their study requirements (a list of courses) will be determined by the Faculty’s committee, in view of the candidate’s prior education (completed programme).
  • A study programme leading to a MSc degree. Candidates will be accorded credits up to 60 ECTS.

Foreigners applying for the doctoral programmes are subject to the same conditions as Slovenian citizens, provided they have completed an equivalent education abroad.


Students can find scholarships available at the Public scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of Republic of Slovenia. Applicants from Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia are exempt of tuition fee for master’s studies!

Besides that, Faculty offers doctoral students:

  • Teaching assistans
  • Junior researcher positions
  • Researcher positions

There are scholarships offered by private Slovenian company Gorenje for doctoral students. In 2018/2019 there are several scholarship programmes available for doctoral students from Palestine, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Georgia, Egypt and Tunisia.

How to apply?

Students apply for studies online via eVŠ portal. Application process includes recognition of foreign education. Detailed information regarding application process is available in the call for the enrolment.


Bachelor – 20 April 2018
Master – 31st August 2018
PhD – 1st June 2018


Study programmes at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science

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