Talk & Listen, Romania

Deadline: 26 October 2010
Open to: Youth volunteers working in conflict areas, young volunteers with disabilities
Costs: 20 EUR fee, transportation covered 70% , food and accommodation covered 100%
Venue: 19-24 March 2011, Brasov, Transylvania, Romania

Talk and Listen is a training course on conflict management and communication aiming at exploring the concept of conflict on two sides: intra-personal and interpersonal level as well as understanding the mechanisms of communication.

Themes of the training course are:
*  Sources and classification of conflicts
*  Conflict and communication
*  Types of personality (including personality tests)
*  Meaning of body language
*  Conflict resolution methods
*  Negotiation techniques


*  To provide the participants with knowledge about conflict and negotiation
*  To provide the participants with practical tools on conflict management and negotiation techniques
*  To  facilitate  the  cooperation  between  the  participants  in  order to develop future projects within Youth in Action program
*  To empower the participants to act as mediators in future conflicts


*  Member of the 27 EU countries (it is a 4.3 action)
*  Able to stay focused throughout the whole training course
*  With  experience  in  managing  youth  projects  (writing  or implementing projects)
*  Able to make decisions in their organization
*  To have analytical skills

Target Group
*  Youth volunteers working in conflict areas: social inclusion, ethnic minorities, refugees
*  Young volunteers with disabilities
*  Young volunteers belonging to minorities
*  Young European immigrants
*  Volunteers willing to improve their conflict management skills


*  Transportation covered 70%
*  Food and accommodation covered 100%
*  Participation  fee:  20  euro  (will  be  deducted  from  the transport reimbursement)


please send the signed and stamped Part III together with the application form before Tuesday 26th October 2010 to the following e-mail address:

Afterward you must send the original Part III at the following address:
ACDC Romania
Str. Paraului 38; Bl A-14; sc. B; ap. 14;

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