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Why should you study Sports Management?

Are you passionate about sport? A European Bachelor in Business Administration with a concentration in Sports Management could be just the opportunity that you are looking for. UNYP will provide you with education and insights from the business side of the sports industry which will eventually lead to the award of a European bachelor’s degree (bakalář, Bc.) awarded by UNYP and accredited by the American International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT).

A business degree with a concentration in Sports Management is a great way to study business and gain the core skills that can help build a professional career. In addition to these core business skills, students will learn management skills specific to the sports industry through a variety of electives, and will crown their education with a thesis in this field.

A range of elective courses are available within the Sports Management concentration, including: Sports Marketing and Sponsorships, Sports Psychology, Sports Law, Sports Coaching, Sports Management, Facility Management, Event Management, and Nutrition and Health.

UNYP is proud to announce that it has recently become the official educational supplier of the Czech Olympic Team. This cooperation is very exciting, not least because of the wealth of interesting opportunities that it brings for the students in the Sports Management program. The partnership also includes a Dual Career program, in which UNYP will educate Czech Olympic athletes after they retire from their professional sporting careers.

Last but not least, a key part of the three-year program is the Sports Management internship. UNYP will organize an internship with a current or potential partner, which will allow you to put your theoretical skills into use. You will get to experience the real world of the sports business, and how it works – while meeting new people and widening your network.

A European Bachelor in Business Administration with a concentration in Sports Management is a great choice for people who are passionate about sport and want to extend their skills and expertise beyond the physical element, and for those who aspire to build a career in the sports industry. With all the experience and education that UNYP provides, you will be qualified and ready for great career opportunities such as Sports Manager, Sports Agent, Event Coordinator, Fitness Manager, Sports Marketing Professional, and many more.