Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Program 2022

Deadline: 17 January 2022
Open to:
international applicants 
full salary and tuition fee will be covered


Applications for the Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Program 2022 are now open. The Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Program 2022 recruits up to 16 motivated international students annually to launch their careers in the vibrant scientific environment of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers in Copenhagen.

The four-year program is divided into a pre-doctoral year followed by three years of PhD training at the University of Copenhagen or the Technical University of Denmark:

The pre-doctoral year includes short rotation projects, choice of a lab for the long-term (PhD) project, and research-based courses. Approximately 15% of time during the pre-doctoral year is spent on courses, and the remaining 85% on lab-based research. All awardees must pass an assessment at the end of the pre-doctoral year to qualify for the following three years of PhD education.

All students in the Copenhagen Bioscience PhD program complete three two-week rotation projects at the start of the pre-doctoral year. These rotation projects allow students to gain experience with the methods, important scientific questions and research environment in the labs they are interested in joining. During each rotation project, the student and supervisor are expected to discuss potential long-term project ideas. After completing the three rotation projects, the student makes an agreement with one of their rotation supervisors to join their lab for the long-term (PhD) project.


The CPH Bioscience PhD program is designed for international talents to come to Denmark and start their research careers at one of the NNF Research Centers.

Applicants must fulfill the following:

  • Submit a fully completed application form before the deadline via the Novo Nordisk Foundation web-based application system.
  • Provide a minimum of two academic references.
  • Hold, or anticipate receiving before enrolment, a university degree that formally qualifies the applicant to enter a PhD program (typically a Master’s degree).
  • Hold, or anticipate receiving before enrolment, a university degree from outside of Denmark.
  • The program is also open for applicants with a Danish degree who can document at least 12 months of full-time research experience from outside Denmark, confirmed by at least one of their academic references.
  • Provide proof of English language skills (for example, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE scores).


Full salary and tuition fee will be covered by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Funding for the first year is awarded unconditionally to all successful applicants. Funding for the following three years is awarded conditionally, to be approved following a successful qualifying assessment at the end of the first (pre-doctoral) year. Up to sixteen positions will be funded for a program start in September 2022.

How to apply?

Read the Information and FAQ carefully before initiating the application process, and refer to How to Apply throughout completion of the online application form. Additional and essential information is found in these documents.

For more information, please visit official website.