Seminar “Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Young People” in Strasbourg

Deadline: 3 November
Open to: experts representing the various stakeholders in youth policy and youth work
Venue: 4- 6 December, Strasbourg, France


The Youth Department of the Council of Europe is organising the seminar “Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Young People” to explore the issues, role and possible contributions of the youth sector to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) is responsibly used in democratic societies and that young people have a say about matters that concern their present and future. The seminar sets out to discover and analyze different situations, possibilities and experiences in the youth sector of engaging with AI by discussing various approaches and understandings of AI, its impact on young people and the role of the youth sector in working with it.


  • Representatives from public authorities in charge of youth policy such as ministerial bodies, youth institutes and agencies, regional or local authorities;
  • Youth leaders representing international or national youth organizations, including national youth councils, in particular, those advocating for young people’s access to rights, including digital citizenship matters and information literacy;
  • Youth researchers and academic experts active and interested in matters related to youth and AI;
  • Young people or activists involved in AI projects.



Travel expenses and visa fees for the seminar in Strasbourg will be reimbursed according to the rules of the Council of Europe.


Board and lodging will be provided and paid for by the Council of Europe at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg. The European Youth Centre is accessible to people with disabilities and can take measures to accommodate for any specific needs of participants in this respect. Please provide the necessary information in your application form.

How to apply?

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