COINS Grand Challenge

Deadline: 12 April 2019
Open to: applicants must be 18 years old or older
Awards: a prize in cash will be awarded to the winners


The goal of the competition is to make earth a better place to live by uncovering innovators entrepreneurs and leaders with ideas that can improve the built environment. There are two modalities: Open competition and Undergraduate competition. For the ones interested in the Open Competition, you should have a viable idea that uses a new or emerging technology to radically reduce costs, increase efficiency or improve sustainability, quality or compliance during construction or throughout the built life cycle. For the ones interested on the Undergraduate competition you should write an essay or make a video related to the following question: ¨What new and emerging technology will have the greatest impact on business in future years and how might those technologies be applied to the built environment, whether during construction or throughout the built life cycle? ¨


The applicant must present a clear case for how their idea will address the competition topic, speak English fluently, be 18 years of age or older on 1st September 2018, be able to attend the Grand Final in Manchester, UK on 12 June 2019 and the idea must be able to be applied to the construction industry.


For the open competition: cash prizes, R&D funding, investment in your business and exposure to influential leaders;

For the Undergraduate competition: cash prizes and get in front of some of the industry’s biggest players.

How to apply?

For applicants on the Open Competition: you should Describe your idea and its potential impact by answering a short series of detailed questions using the official online application form.

For the applicants on the Undergraduate competition: Submit your 800-word essay or 3-10 minute video using our online application form.

For more information, please visit the official web page.