Metro Photo Challenge 2018

Deadline: 20 November 2018
Open to: anyone
Award: a 5 day photographic expedition to Thailand


For the 14th global edition of the Metro Photo Challenge, Metro is proud to present this year’s photography contest that will focus on feelings #MakeUsFeel. They happily invite you to participate in one of the three available categories: happy, hope or sad and/or angry starting september 24, 2018.

What makes you happy? Feeling happy is the most enjoyable feeling we always seek to experience. It can appear from the simplest to the most elaborate way. Capture the moment that makes you happy and upload the photo in this category to participate.

What brings you hope? When you are going through a hard time hope becomes a feeling that keeps us going and optimistic. It is also able to help us overcome tragedies and difficulties by making us feel the positive side. Hope can be anywhere! We invite you to find it, capture the moment, the people or place that brings you hope and upload your photo in this category to participate.

Sad or Angry
There are moments in our life that make us sad or angry. What makes you feel this way? These feelings are part of our lives, they can make us stronger and even help us learn important lessons. If you are able to identify these feelings, capture them and upload the photo in this category to participate.


Some of the participation rules are:

2.1 the Metro Photo Challenge 2018 (also referred to below as the “challenge”) is arranged by METRO together with local Metro subsidiaries and local metro franchisee around the world (jointly referred to as ”Metro” below). To be a part of Metro Photo Challenge 2018, and to have the chance of being a local finalist or a global grand prize winner, you need to upload at least one photo that meets the approved photo requirements (as defined below) in any of the three global categories – 1. “Happy”. 2. “Hope” 3. “Sad or/and Angry” – before November 20th, 2018.

2.2 The Metro Photo Challenge 2018 will run between september 24th and the global winners will be announced on December 12, 2018. You may only compete in one country. The participating countries Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Chile, Nicaragua, Mexico, Russia, Italy and Belgium.
If any legal controversy or any type of claim arises, in the case “Mexico” as well as in the case of an “International Section” where anyone outside the countries referred to in the previous paragraph may participate, it will apply what is established in paragraphs 14 (APPLICABLE LAW) and 14.1 of these Terms and Conditions of the Metro Photo Challenge 2018.

2.3 Please visit the websites of the respective countries to register and to accept the local terms and conditions for the challenge in that country. The local terms and conditions will apply in addition to these terms and conditions. In cases of discrepancies, the local terms and conditions shall apply.

2.4 If you are not a resident of any of the Metro countries, you may still take part in the challenge via the “International section”.

2.5 the Metro Photo Challenge 2018 is free of charge and open to anyone, other than employees, agents, contractors and consultants (or their families) of metro and its affiliates. If you are under the age of 18, you must provide metro with your parent’s or legal guardian’s approval to take part in the challenge, however to be awarded with the global grand prize you must be at least 18 years old.

Read the full list of Terms and Conditions.


The three (3) global grand winners, selected by the global jury will each receive the Grand Prize:
A 5 day photographic expedition to Thailand to be held during the first or second half of 2019 (depending on the temporality of the weather conditions). The Grand Global Winners will be announced on the site on December 12, 2018, and the exact dates of the expedition to Thailand will be communicated to the Grand Local Winners, via e-mail, as soon as possible as of the aforementioned date.
The Grand Prize has a total value of around 3,500 euros per person which includes: Round-trip from the country of origin of the Grand Global Winners; accommodation for the whole stay in Thailand (4 nights); and activities, transportation and guide during the whole stay. The Grand Prize is provided by Metro International Licensing, S.A.

How to apply?

For more information about the competition and how to apply please visit the official website.