Specialized Summer Course on Leadership, Negotiation and Decision-Making

Deadline: 20 August 2017
Open to: students with different academic backgrounds
Venue: 25 – 27 August 2017 in Tirana, Albania


The course aims to create an understanding of leadership, negotiation, and decision-making, with a focus on the individual leader and his or her actions. Both the development of different traditional perspectives on leadership and contemporary and critical perspectives are central to this course. The student should develop an understanding of the relationship between decision-making, negotiation strategies and how a leader is perceived. Ethics and power are important aspects in this course.

This course consists of four parts, and provides an introduction to theories of leadership. The first part focuses on how a leader is perceived, and examines contemporary perspectives and critical perspectives on leadership. The second part focuses on decision-making, starting with an examination of the decision-maker. Factors influencing decision-making (such as risk aversion and rationality) are also discussed during this part of the course. The third part focuses on negotiation, emphasizing relevant tasks, methods and skills. The three first parts include exercises, which help students practice and reflect on their own behaviour in regard to each area. The fourth part of the course focuses on the interaction between leadership, decision-making and negotiation.

Learning is supported by lectures, workshops, seminars and written as well as oral assignments. The course is given and examined in English.

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Explain and critically discuss different theories and theoretical perspectives in leadership, negotiation and decision-making, as well as models that describe how leaders are perceived (leadership style);
  • Analyse a leader’s decision-making and role in negotiations;
  • Analyse how decision-making and strategies in negotiations affect how a leader is perceived;
  • Critically examine the role and meaning of ethics in leadership, decision-making and negotiations.


The Call is suitable for persons:

  • From different academic backgrounds and a general interest in negotiation, diplomacy, diplomatic correspondence and international relations will benefit from each other in an intercultural and interdisciplinary learning process;
  • Showing strong interest in the politics, economy, culture and history;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Participants that do not need a visa to enter in the Republic of Albania.


The program will cost:

  • 30 EUR for Albanians;
  • 35 EUR for western Balkan Participants;
  • 45 EUR for non-Western Balkan Participants.

The fee covers: reading materials, lectures, coffee breaks, certification, study visits. The organizing team will help participants to arrange accommodation upon the request.

How to Apply?

All participants must send their CV and Motivational Letter to 20 August 2017 to leadership.academy.alb@gmail.com.

The Selection Committee will make their decision regarding participation by 20 August 20017 and will immediately notify the candidates

For more information please visit the official call.

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