H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowship 2017

Deadline: 1 October 2017
Open to: emerging scholars in a field related to the built environment
Scholarships: one year of travel expenses


The Society of Architectural Historians’ prestigious H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowship will be offered for 2017 and will allow a recent graduate or emerging scholar to study by travel for one year. The fellowship is not for the purpose of doing research for an advanced academic degree. Instead, Professor Brooks intended the recipient to study by travel and contemplation while observing, reading, writing, or sketching.

The goals are to provide an opportunity for a recent graduate with an advanced degree or an emerging scholar to:

  • See and experience architecture and landscapes firsthand;
  • Think about their profession deeply;
  • Acquire knowledge useful for the recipient’s future work, contribution to their profession, and contribution to society.

The Brooks Fellowship recipient will be expected to keep an online journal by posting at least once per month to the SAH Blog. The blog posts will document the fellow’s travels in text and images, including photographs, video, drawings, or other media. This record will be used by the SAH office to approve payment distribution.


The H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowship is open to a scholar who:

  • Will earn a PhD or advanced terminal degree in the first half of 2017 (by June 30, 2017);
  • Was awarded a PhD or advanced terminal degree in 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 or 2012 in a field related to the built environment.

Such degrees include PhDs in the history, theory or criticism of architecture, landscape architecture, or urbanism; historic preservation; the practice of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning; or other fields of advanced study related to the built environment including an MArch, MUP, MLA or a master’s in a historic preservation program.


The Brooks Fellowship will cover expenses incurred by the Brooks Fellow for one year of travel.

The award is non-renewable and award amounts may vary in future years.

SAH suggests that if additional financial support is needed to cover other related expenses, that the applicants contact their respective university/college, academic adviser, department head, employer or outside foundations to investigate the financial opportunities afforded them.

The Award will be paid in quarterly installments. 

How to apply?

The application deadline is October 1, 2017. Applicants must be current members of SAH. To apply, follow the instructions at the top of this page. In the application you will be asked to provide:

A statement (in English, 1000 words max) that details:

  • The applicant’s academic and career goals;
  • What the applicant hopes to achieve intellectually during the Fellowship period;
  • How this Fellowship will advance the applicant’s academic interests and will make a difference in their professional work.

A travel proposal outlining travel sites and buildings or landscapes in those sites. Submitting a Google map outlining the sites would be a plus. In addition, applicants must provide:

  • A proposed budget for the fellowship year;
  • A two-page writing sample;
  • Proof of terminal degree and date (photocopy of diploma), see above criteria;
  • Curriculum vitae (5 pages maximum);
  • Five representative photographs taken by the applicant (low resolution).

Also required are: Two recommendations submitted by October 1, 2017.

For more information please visit the official website.

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