Call for papers: Solidarities in Europe Workshop 2017

Deadline: 15 August 2017
Open to: contributors that tackle the concept of solidarity in Europe
Venue: 24-25 November 2017, Switzerland


Is an ever closer Union obsolete?

Recent events have questioned the capacity of member states to coordinate and support each other in finding solutions to the economic and asylum seeker crises. The British vote on leaving the European Union signalled not only the incapacity of political elites to achieve consensus, but, more importantly, the Brexit is the expression of the popular discontent with one of the founding liberties of the Union – the freedom of movement – and the influence Eurosceptic parties can achieve over European electorates. These recent crises pinpoint to the lack of social and political arrangements that are able to counterbalance the nationalistic and Eurosceptic forces. Under these circumstances, the academic inquiry into the possibilities of more social cohesion and solidarity among Europeans becomes even more stringent.

The Solidarities in Europe Workshop 2017 will be held in Bern, Switzerland, on 24 – 15 November, 2017. 


This workshop invites contributions that tackle the concept of solidarity in Europe from both a theoretical and empirical perspective. Transnational solidarity is conceived as citizen and/or member state willingness to share resources in order to face economic and social risks in the EU.

We welcome contributions that inquire into the normative aspects of transnational solidarity as well as into individual and institutional practices of transnational solidarity such as:

  • Theoretical perspectives on European solidarity;
  • European solidarity and the financial crisis;
  • European solidarity and asylum seeker policy;
  • The Brexit and transnational solidarity.


The goal of the workshop is to bring together scholars working on these topics in order to discuss the results of their research and to prepare a joint publication on Solidarity in Europe. An edited book at a prestigious press is the most adequate format, given the diverse perspectives we aim to include. However, the publication format remains open (edited book or journal special issue) and will be decided at the end of the workshop.

The Solidarities in Europe workshop will be organized in a panel format.

We are able to cover the travel cost within Europe and the accommodation cost of one overnight stay in a hotel in Bern. The accommodation will be organized via the University of Bern. The workshop is supported by a small grant from the Fund for the Promotion of Young Researchers of the University of Bern.

How to apply?

To apply, please submit the abstract of your paper by 15 August 2017. 

For more information please contact Irina Ciornei ( or visit the official website.

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