Summer School “Kinship and Politics Undoing the Boundaries” 2017

Deadline: 1 April 2017
Open to: postgraduates and advanced doctoral students from Anthropology, History, Sociology, Political Sciences and neighbouring disciplines
Venue: 2 – 7 July 2017, Bielefeld University, Germany


The summer school’s goal is to re-examine the relationship between politics and kinship. Organised by the ZiF 2016/17 research group on Kinship and Politics, the summer school intends to intervene in these debates by getting doctoral students and early career scholars to focus on this major conceptual problem. The summer school will revolve around two core theoretical perspectives: (a) “kinship” and “family” as analytical categories and (b) uses of kinship in political practice. The panels aim at bridging critical historical epistemology and empirical case studies. They are organised around four problem areas that should be examined from perspectives beyond a single discipline, region, or historical period:

  1. Property and kin relations;
  2. Conceptualising, implementing and negotiating the nuclear family;
  3. Boundary work: kinning the state – state kinning;
  4. The (re)making of political order, in particular through children.


Postgraduates and advanced doctoral students from Anthropology, History, Sociology, Political Sciences and neighboring disciplines.


Accommodation and travel costs (basic economy flights and second-class train tickets) of the participants will be covered. There are no fees for the summer school. 

How to apply?

  • Applications should include a letter stating the reasons for applying, a short CV, an abstract (250 words maximum) and an outline of research results (up to 5 pages) to be presented at the summer school;
  • Full papers (up to 8000 words excluding the bibliography) should be handed in by 11th June 2017 and will be distributed to all participants. It is expected that participants read all papers in advance.

Please send your application to the ZiF Kinship and Politics research group coordinator Miss Jennifer Rasell:

For more information please visit the official web page.

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