Braveheart – Leadership Skills Training for Youth Workers

Deadline: 30 November 2016
Open to: youth workers from Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Spain
Costs: food an accommodation are fully covered + travel costs according to distance


Braveheart is a three phase training course for youth workers. Its aim is to strengthen and advance leadership skills.

The training course is based on the experiential and outdoor learning methodology. The stress is put on practical training with real effects rather than learning theoretical background. The ratio of practical training to theory is 80:20.

Project outline:

  • First phase: Find the leader inside   21 – 29 January 2017 – Challenge yourself for 2 nights winter outdoor experience, get to know yourself better, and reflect on your leadership skills;
  • Interphase: Work on your leadership development goals and plan your project;
  • Second phase: Become a better leader   19 – 23 April 2017  – Develop and practice your leadership skills and get inspired by others;
  • Interphase: Plan and realize your personal project;
  • Third phase: Leading the future   24 – 27 August 2017 – Evaluate your project and leadership skills and plan future steps.


  • Come from or live in following countries: Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Spain;
  • Are older than 18 years;
  • Speak fluent English (minimum B2);
  • Work with youth regularly;
  • Ready to take part in the whole project cycle (3 meetings, individual work between, see the dates below);
  • Willing to improve in leading youngsters and youth worker colleagues;
  • Need to feel more confident while leading activities for youth;
  • Want to learn how to give and get feedback;
  • Desire to raise and keep inner motivation of youngsters;
  • Plan to create own project linked to youth work (e.g. implement changes at your work; prepare and lead new project for youth; …);
  • Are willing to work on self-development and reflect on learning process.


Participation fee is 150 EUR. You will get 100 EUR back if you take part in all phases of the project.

Food an accommodation are fully covered.  Travel expenses are covered according to the distance.

How to apply?

If you wish to apply for this training, please fill in the application form:

Please note that only the registration form that have been fully completed will be eligible for enrolment.

For more information please check the official call.

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