Challenge Future: Marketplace for Your Creative & Innovative Goodies

Deadline: 31 August 2016
Open to: artists, designers, authors, illustrators, craftsman, innovators or entrepreneurs
Venue: online


C:F Marketplace emerges as a movement, to create a space for the best creative minds – artists, designers, authors, illustrators, craftsman, innovators or entrepreneurs. A place to connect, share ideas and grow a new vibrant network. C:F Marketplace offers you the opportunity to become a real celebrity and engage your work with a community of more than 36,000 youths across the world.

What do you win by participating in the C:F Marketplace?

As a platform, the challenge:Future will offer you:

  1. Featured article on about your work (the review being prepared from the creative fingers of our very best writers);
  2. Conduct a short interview with you (tell your story, how did you start, what inspires your work, what stimulates you to do your art or business);
  3. Promotion and dissemination of your work to our huge family across the world (to more than 36,000 members registered on the challenge:Future platform, to more than 10,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels).


  • Artists, designers, authors, illustrators, craftsman, innovators or entrepreneurs;
  • Applicants must be registered members of the C:F platform;
  • Participate as a C:F judge to one of our fun, advanced or expert quick challenges;
  • Contribute by providing an award which will be given to a winner of one of our forth coming challenges. For example, if you are an author gift one free copy of your book, if you are an illustrator make a custom designed poster, or if you are running a startup, give free access to your service or product for one person.


  • Promote  your creative & innovative goodies;
  • Increase the number of your fans and followers;
  • Connect with other creative minds from around the world;
  • Honor the most talented of the challenge:Future community.

How to sign up?

In order to participate you need to register first HERE or sign in.

Send a buzz to, by sending:

  1. Portfolio and/or links to your work;
  2. Link to your C:F profile (you get the link to your profile once you click on your profile picture of your personal C:F student account page).

Don’t forget to use “C:F Marketplace” as the subject line for your e-mail. The admissions to the C:F marketplace are accepted on a rolling basis. First 5 to 10 most successful applicants will be selected until 31 August, 2016. Next roll will follow in autumn.

For any questions which you might have, do not hesitate to address Robert Neumann at:

For more information please visit the official website.

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