International FUTUWAWA Competition – Look at the Square

Deadline: 8 July 2016
Open to: architects, artists, students and everyone from around the world
Awards: One Jury Award of EUR 1, 605 / Three Audience Awards of EUR 229 approx. for each


This year, FUTUWAWA focuses on the most discussed and the most promising area of the capital city, with huge city-forming potential – Parade Square (Defilad Square).

The Competition allows us to look for new ideas that will help to breathe new life into Parade Square. It is not  intention to abolish existing plans, but also is not a goal to stick too close to them, as this is the only way to organize a vision-oriented competition. Do not be afraid to experiment. Design your own Parade Square. You can even forget about its name and come up with your own title that matches your idea.

Just „Look at the Square”. It does not matter whether you are a professional, a student or an amateur. Feel like a resident and a user of this space.


  • Residents of Warsaw, architects, artists, students and everyone from around the world who would like to share ideas for Parade Square.


Financial prizes are awarded in two categories:

  • Award of the Jury: EUR 1, 605;
  • Three Audience Awards: EUR 229 for each.

In addition to that, in-kind prizes will be given to the winners in the following categoriesCompetition Jury Award, Competition Jury Honourable Mention and 3 awards decided by the public vote.

How to apply?

Rules and more specification about competition, can be found on the following link.

For more information, please visit the official website.

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