Be a Mladiinfo Author and Challenge Diversity by Writing Articles

Deadline: ongoing
Open to: young talented writers who would like to contribute on topics concerning minorities (for instance, European migrant crisis, situation of LGBT community, integration of Roma people etc)
Benefits: your article(s) will be promoted to a global audience of youth, academics, organizations; be recognized with the title Mladiinfo author; be invited to a Mladiinfo event etc


Interested in the topic of diversity? Eager to share your opinion on the migrant crisis in Europe, or to say a word about the ethnic conflicts in the world today? Perhaps to send us some positive example of cooperation and living-together beyond the ethnic lines? Or just to express your thoughts on how the (new or traditional) media report on LGBT rights?

The project You(th) Challenging Diversity: Representation of Minorities in the New Media, supported by the Europe for Citizens program, focuses on promoting diversity through new media. In the lead of Mladiinfo International and partners from Croatia (Mladiinfo Croatia), Bulgaria (Media Development Center) and Greece (Europe for Culture, Diversity and Co-existence), a space will be created where youth can amplify the voice of various minority groups.  We want to hear the voice of youth on the topic minorities and media and we want to provide you a platform to share your thoughts with youngsters around world. We want you as our CONTRIBUTOR to Youth Challenging Diversity web-site.

Eligibility criteria

Keep your article to some of the following themes, however you are more than welcome to highlight and amplify the voice of other minority groups as well:

  • It’s actual topics. All newsfeed are full with it: the European migrant crisis. What is your say on this issue? As refugees leave their war-torn countries and territories looking for better future in Europe, how do you contemplate on the matter? What are the responsibilities that we as humanity should take? What this call means for institution? Have you personally engaged for this cause and helped refugees so far?
  • The human rights of LGBT groups across Europe are in its rise, yet many LGBT members still face difficulties in some European countries. What’s your insight? Do you have a good story to share? Are you yourself member of LGBT?
  • What’s the situation with Roma people in Europe? What are the main challenges that Roma people face in their lives, their integration in society? Have you personally engaged for their cause and helped?

Any article you submit should be original contents, meaning not-published elsewhere (webpage, blog, web-platform). Optimal length of article should be from 500 to 800 words. Please also provide cover photos for your article.


By submitting article to Mladiinfo, and being selected as author, you will:

  • Have your article published, promoted to and read by a global audience of youth, academics, organizations, possibly your future employer;
  • Have your article distributed on the geographical scope of Europe and beyond at a world level;
  • Be boosted on Facebook to reach specific audience of more than 10,000 people who care about issues on minority;
  • You will boost your self-expression skills and communication skills by collaborating with Mladiinfo International crew;
  • Being recognized with the title Mladiinfo Author;
  • If you are consistent with writing articles for us, we can also invite you to some of Mladiinfo’s organized events, the topics of which tackle youth, youth participation and empowerment, minorities, journalism, objective reporting. Our events are being organized all through Central and East Europe including Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro etc.

How to submit your article?

Articles can be sent to Our team will proof-read your article and be back to you with feedback and status if you are to be published / need rewrite of article etc. The subject of your e-mail should be ‘Article for Youth Challenging Diversity project’

Have questions? Feel free to send your buzz to

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