Study Session “Roma Youth – Building Bridges!”

Deadline: 30 April 2015
Open to: youth leaders/workers/mentors working with vulnerable groups or Roma youth from 47 Council of Europe member states
Venue: 22-26 June, Budapest, Hungary


FERYP (Forum of European Roma Young People) and USB (United Societies of Balkans) are organizing a Study Session on Roma Youth and Mobility Projects. From 22 June to 26 June 2015 at the European Youth Centre in Budapest, participants will take part of the study session in order to gain new skills and develop their competences on how to include youngsters from vulnerable groups in international youth mobility projects. This activity is part of the FERYP and USB Strategy on promoting youth participation, which aims to mainstream the presence of young Roma in youth mobility programmes for supporting youth leaders, students, Roma and non-Roma in responding to current challenges faced by Roma youth.

During the Study Session, the aim is to adapt methods and tools of multiculturalism in the strategy of inclusion of youngsters from groups with fewer opportunities such as Roma, in order to seek quality learning outcomes that will influence on the local reality. The Study Session should facilitate the dialogue and participation between Roma and non-Roma on the future of European youth programmes that promote learning about European diversity as well as to enhance participation of young Roma.


  • Youth leaders/workers/mentors working with vulnerable groups or Roma youth;
  • Youth leaders/workers/mentors who are coming from organizations dealing with vulnerable groups, Roma or non-Roma;
  • Involved in organizations/structures/informal groups/networks with strong intention to make new contacts;
  • Coming from organizations with or without knowledge on international youth mobility programmes;
  • Interested to carry out youth mobility projects under the current European youth programmes;
  • Motivated to initiate follow-up of the session and to act as multipliers on its topic;
  • Aged between 18-30 (with exceptions);
  • Able to attend the session for its full duration;
  • Coming from one of the 47 Council of Europe member states;
  • Able to work in English.


Board and lodging during the activity are fully covered by organizers and are provided at the European Youth Centre Budapest. The reimbursements of travel expenses and visa, will be done on the spot during the week in Euros or by bank transfer after the activity.

A participation fee of 50 Euros will be deducted from the travel reimbursement of participants.

How to apply?

All interested applicants should fill in the online application form latest by 30 April 2015.

If you have any questions related to this Study Session and application process, please send e-mail at

For more information please visit the official website.

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