Global Minority Rights Summer School in Budapest

Deadline: 31 March, 2015
Open to: Everyone who is interested in recent developments, current theories and advanced training in the field of minority protection.
19-25 July, 2015 NUPS Faculty of Public Administration in Budapest



The Summer School will host 30 participants from all over the world and offers a forum to discuss relevant issues related to minorities with leading experts and practitioners in the field of international human rights law, political science, sociology, and history. Participants will study the multiple impacts of boundary changes on identity and equality in the interwar period and today. Lectures and interactive workshops will cover the following topics: a critical assessment of the geopolitical perspective on boundary changes in Europe; the impact of the peace treaties on national, ethnic, linguistic and religious identities in Europe; boundary changes and conflict resolution from a normative perspective (focus on Kurdistan and Kosovo); the successful management of border communities in Europe; current territorial debates in Europe (Scotland, Catalonia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Crimea); the problem solving capacity of autonomies in Central and Eastern Europe; the protection of minorities in the Middle East; international and transnational approaches to minority protection; the Roma in Europe; and, finally, identity politics and equality.

The Summer School aims to:

  • Understand and critically assess the relevant international law and related practice on ethnic conflict resolution;
  • Present and review existing practice on the management of border communities in different regions of Europe;
  • Understand and discuss the effectiveness of the international minority protection regime with a particular focus on identity politics and equality.

This Summer School is envisaged as a space for meeting and consulting with authoritative academics, practitioners, public servants and decision-makers, providing participants the opportunity to share their experiences and present their research projects for discussion.


  • Public servants, decision-makers, teachers in higher education and journalists with an interest in diversity management, equality policies, minority rights, ethnic conflict resolution, geopolitics, and relevant international law;
  • MA and PhD students who wish to acquire competitive personal competence beneficial for their future careers in academia or in practice-oriented professions;
  • Members of civil society organisations, practitioners;
  • Everyone who is interested in recent developments, current theories and advanced training in the field of minority protection.


The participation fee is 150 Euros. This fee covers tuition, accommodation, meals and cultural events. Financial support is available for 15 participants.

Financial support is offered by the TLI and the NUPS.

  • Six full scholarships for overseas applicants (people from outside of Council of Europe member countries) cover the participation fee and the travel costs to Budapest (except airport transfer). They do not cover visa fees.
  • Nine partial scholarships cover the participation fee (tuition, accommodation, meals, and cultural events). The travel costs to Budapest are not covered by the partial scholarships.

Applicants for scholarship have to have:

  • Proven current interest or work in the field;
  • Strong motivation to improve their understanding and skills;
  • Demonstrated plans for future activities or career where they can use the knowledge, contacts and skills acquired.

How to apply?

To apply, fill in the Application Form available at the official web-page, save it with the following name: 2015GMRSS_lastname_firstname, and submit it to Please do not send any other document. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Selected overseas applicants who receive a full scholarship should not make any travel arrangement by themselves. They should get in contact with the Tom Lantos Institute ( at their earliest convenience.

For more info check the official web-site

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