Facilitators Needed for a Short Summer Course in Istanbul

Deadline: 26 March 2015
Open to: participants over 18 willing to work with young people
Remuneration: accommodation, food, local transportation and insurance will be provided


The United World Colleague’s short course “Living Together at the Crossroads” is a two-week long summer programme for young participants from Europe and the Middle East aiming to create dialogue and collaboration between the regions and to encourage participants to become active, responsible members of society. The programme builds on the UWC short course “Living Together: Navigating Common Grounds” that took place in Istanbul in 2013 and 2014. Recent social and political developments in the Middle East and Europe have led the organizers to believe that bringing together people from both regions is needed, thus they want to give fifty young people from both regions an opportunity to overcome uncertainties and to work together to find solutions for a better tomorrow.

By continuing this short course into a second year, the organizers want to build on the experience gained last year and ensure that the programme’s positive impact becomes sustainable. The programme combines practical educational games and group-building activities with an intellectual inquiry into the history of “living together” in Istanbul, Turkey. This combination will be achieved through three different formats:

  • Campus-based Theme Days will provide theoretical background knowledge in the form of lectures and seminars;
  • Interactive Community Break-out Days will allow participants to engage with one topic through a series of meetings and excursions to local projects and organisations;
  • Action-focused Project Days will provide a chance for participants to apply the skills that they have acquired by drawing up independent “city partnership projects” which will be implemented after the course is finished.

Now the organization is looking for facilitators. Young people over 18, available from 28th of July – 19th of August, 2015, willing to work with 50 bright young people from Europe and the Middle East and passionate about the course’s topics are welcomed to apply. The UWC course facilitator will have an integral role in programme development, on-site preparations, and the execution of the course itself.  The organizers are looking for individuals who are passionate about the course theme and who are willing to take on responsibilities with regard to the organisation, preparation and implementation of the course. From the facilitators is expected to dedicate a minimum of five hours a week towards the preparation of the UWC short course from April 30, 2015 onwards.

The tasks of the facilitators will include:

  • Helping to develop, prepare, and run the UWC short course;
  • Taking part in other preparatory tasks of the UWC short course (e.g. advertising, media   outreach, logistical arrangements, etc.);
  • Supporting participants emotionally and practically for the duration of the UWC short course;
  • Working towards ensuring participants’ safety throughout the duration of the course;
  • Upholding an open and caring environment, using mediation and conflict resolution skills to quickly address and resolve tensions among participants;
  • Taking responsibility for the smooth delivery of daily activities and to find creative solutions if unexpected problems arise.


Candidates over 18 are welcome to apply. Read all the details regarding the eligibility criteria HERE.

Applications from candidates having experience in the following areas is required:

  • Working within a group context;
  • Working with young people;
  • Related to the aims of the UWC short course as listed;
  • Running non-formal learning activities and workshops;
  • Establishing or working in community projects and/or social justice initiatives;
  • Knowledge of the Middle East and/or Europe;
  • Understanding of the UWC movement and its aims;
  • Some knowledge in any of the following fields: fundraising, budgeting, arranging logistics and other project management skills;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Willingness to be an integral part of programme development: establish connections with local and international organisations and potential speakers, and to serve as a reliable point of contact;
  • Ability to work collaboratively and as part of a team and to work flexibly.


Facilitators positions are not paid, since the entire short course runs on a volunteer ethic. However, the costs during the short course will be covered (including accommodation, food, local transportation, and insurance). Unless financial need is demonstrated and/or the UWC short course has sufficient funding, the costs for travel to and from Istanbul is the responsibility of the facilitators.


All completed applications should be sent to: info@short-course-turkey.uwc.org no later than 26 March 2015. Please include the words Facilitator Application in the subject line. Applications should be returned either as a pdf or word file. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Late applications might be considered, but will be given lower priority.

Shortlisting procedure:

All candidates will be assessed anonymously by two coordinators, on the basis of a numerical rating system in line with the person specification. During a selection meeting, the team will then rank all applications, and make a decision on a final shortlist, taking into account diversity considerations. Any questions can be directed to info@short-course-turkey.uwc.org

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