Call for Minorities’ Supporters in Macedonia

Deadline: 30 March, 2014
Open to: youth activisits from Macedonia
Benefits: financial remuneration for all minorities’ supporters for organized activities


Fundatia Corona from Romania and the Association of Citizens “Youth Can” from Macedonia are recruiting 20 young people to be involved as MINORITIES’ SUPPORTERS in the project 10-39893/1 “Laboratory of common understanding. Experience who I am!” financed by the EU under the National Programme for Transition Assistance and Institutional Building, IPA 2009.


The candidates must be: NGO members: (employees or volunteers); high school graduates and aged 18 to 28 years.
The candidates must:

  • have interest and preliminary knowledge in minorities’ issues;
  • have experience in NGO sector;
  • have experience in organising and conducting public events;
  • have proficiency in English;
  • be available to work in rural/urban schools to which they are assigned;
  • Candidates who are ethnic minority members are encouraged to apply.

At least 10 of the 20 Minority Supporters will be ethnic minorities’ members. Each of the 20 Minority Supporters will organise 10 debates and will assist in other 10 debates in urban or rural schools in Macedonia aiming to raise awareness about ethnic minorities’ rights among pupils.

The main activities involving the Minorities Supporters are:

  1. Attending a 5 days training session in Macedonia regarding minorities rights;
  2. Organising 10 debates and assisting to other 10 debates in rural/urban schools;
  3. Communicating the project results to his/her NGO.

Minorities’ supporters responsibilities:

  • Participating to a 5 days training session in Macedonia;
  • Contacting the schools boards and planning the debates schedule;
  • Preparing the debate subjects to be developed in classes;
  • Moderating 10 debates with pupils on the theme of ethnic minorities’ rights (1 hour debate) and assisting to other 10 debates related to the same subject;
  • Elaborating documents (lists of presence, questionnaires, list of materials distributed in classes, 1 debate report for each event);
  • Communicating opinions and project results to their NGO colleagues through a written report.

Activities schedule: 

Training session – 5 days in April or May 2014;
Organising 10 debates and assisting to 10 debates during May – June; September – October 2014.


Minority Supporters will receive financial remuneration for the 20 debates organised. Minority supporters will receive certificates of participation.

How to Apply?

You should download and fill in the application form here. Furthermore, selected candidates will need also to send proof of NGO membership issued by the NGO and copy of highest educational diploma (high-school/university).

Deadline for filling in the application form is 30 March 2014.

Selection procedures and results will be completed until 10 of April. More details can be asked from Association of Citizens “Youth Can” (e-mail:; Contact person Ms. Veronika Tomova – Project assistant)

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