Summer Program of the American University in Kosovo

Deadline: 24 May 2014
Open to: undergraduate and graduate students, professionals from various fields and disciplines
Venue: 29 June – 1 August, 2014, Pristina, Kosovo


This summer American Education in Kosovo (A.U.K.) will again offer a  Peace-Building Post-Conflict Transformation and Development Program. The program, which will take place on the A.U.K. campus in Pristina, Kosovo from 29 June until 1 August, will be the fifth since the program’s inception. The A.U.K. Summer Program 2014 in Kosovo, building on the success of the previous four programs, will again offer a timely series of lectures and seminars, role plays and visits to historic sites in the region for participants from around the world.

The A.U.K Summer Program 2014 in Kosovo will provide an exceptional opportunity for students from around the world and from Kosovo, Serbia and other states in the region to study and debate, with academic experts and veterans of the recent conflict in Kosovo, the lessons learned from that conflict and the effort to build a new state in its aftermath. A.U.K.’s program seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Conducted in a safe, vibrant environment, the Program combines post-conflict studies with access to decision makers and history-makers.

The five-week, residential, program consists of two courses, plus course-related trips to Albania, Greece, Macedonia or Bosnia, Montenegro, and Serbia. For participating students, each course carries three-semester credits. Transferable undergraduate credits are offered by A.U.K.’s U.S. partner, Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.


The program welcomes undergraduate and graduate students as well as professionals from various fields and disciplines.


The package price is 2600 Euros and it includes:

  • full tuition for two courses (6 credits from partner university RIT in New York);
  • visits and Friday forums;
  • room and board at an attractive near-by dormitory;
  • breakfast/ lunch/ dinner from Monday to Friday;
  • two day-trips within Kosovo, and
  • participation in one of the two regional trips: Montenegro, Bosnia, and Serbia OR Albania, Greece, and Macedonia (including meals, hotels, transport, and fees).

Limited funding is available. 


To apply for the summer program, students should complete and submit the application form together with:

  1. A letter of recommendation from a current professor or official from your university stating that you are in good academic standing;
  2. A scanned copy of your passport.

Those wishing to apply for scholarship funding should also provide:

  1. Financial Statement (bank statement of all family members working);
  2. 500-word essay on why scholarship funds are needed.

The application deadline is 24 May 2014.

For further information, please feel free to contact: phone: +381 38 608 608; email:

Visit the official website HERE.

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