Macedonian Student Magazine Needs Writers & Editors

Deadline: 5 October 2013
Open to: all students (currently enrolled or recently graduated) and young people presently residing in Macedonia
Benefits: intercultural and interpersonal exchange of skills and contacts, plus development of critical thinking, research skills, leadership and contribute toward improving the educational system of Macedonia


“Way Out” student organization is looking for young people who are motivated to create positive change in the educational system and the student community in Macedonia, to join a team of volunteers and take part in the following projects:

  1. Independent magazine “Way Out”: It gives young people the opportunity to voice their opinion about social issues and express their creativity.
  2. Web Site: Regularly publishes news and information about current events and opportunities.
  3. Radio Show “The students’ picnic on channel 103”: Each Saturday the “Way Out” radio team along with guest speakers take on topics such as youth unemployment, activism, today’s value of university degrees etc.

Founded in 2010, “Way Out” is a student organization dedicated to supporting and enabling student initiatives that aim for the improvement of the higher education system and student life in Macedonia. Its vision is to create a quality high education system, with informed students that are active participants in the decision making processes that effect their education.

Open positions include the following: 

  1. Journalists
  2. Photographers and Illustrators
  3. Coordinators per faculty
  4. Radio reporters
  5. Content Editor
  6. Web Editor
  7. Editors for the following sections: “Opportunities and Carrier”, “Culture”, “Technology”, “Us and the System”, “Society” and “Music”
  8. Lecturers


With participating in the work of the above mentioned projects the volunteers will get the chance to work in teams formed of individuals from different backgrounds, develop interpersonal skills and make new contacts. Furthermore, depending on the specific task or activity they will be able to develop critical thinking, research skills, leadership and learn more about the way that they can contribute to the improvement of the educational system.


Open to all students (currently enrolled or recently graduated) and young people presently residing in Macedonia.


The deadline for all applications is 5 October 2013. All interested candidates should fill out the application form AVAILABLE HERE and send it to In order to apply for an editor position you must include a CV and a motivation letter. 

Further details are available in Macedonian language at the official website HERE.

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