Grants for Cross-Country Research Projects

Deadline: 20 September 2013
Open to:  researchers from developing countries and transition economies interested in interregional or cross-country research collaboration
Grant: up to US$ 32,000


The Global Development Network (GDN) invites researchers from developing countries and transition economies and best performing researchers from Regional Research Competitions (RRCs) to submit research proposals for its second round of the Global Research Competition (GRC) 2013.

The GRC is a competitive grant program under GDN’s Global Research Capacity Building Program. In this annual competition, social science researchers from developing countries and transition economies are invited to team up with researchers from around the world on collaborative interregional or cross-country research projects. The competition is inter-regional/cross-country both in terms of its analytic scope and team composition. The cross-country collaboration means:

  • That researchers must form a team which comprises of team members from more than one country (developing or transition);
  • The research proposal must examine more than one country (developing or transition).

The cross-country criterion is mandatory for all researchers applying for the competition. However, please note, inter-regional criterion is preferred but not mandatory.

The research themes for the 2013 round of the GRC are:

  1. Inclusive and Sustainable Growth
  2. Food Security
  3. Political, Economic and Social Transformations


Interested researchers can apply as:

  • Individual applicants – who require support in finding collaborators to form inter-regional or cross-country teams
  • Team applicants – pre-formed inter-regional or cross-country teams who do not require support in finding research collaborators

Eligible are only researchers from developing countries and transition economies interested in inter-regional or cross-country research collaboration, with the requirement that they need to be citizens and current residents of any of these countries. The upper age limit for an applicant is 45 years, the average age of the entire team must be below 40 years as of 15 June, 2013.


Successful proposals are awarded a financial grant of up to US$ 32,000.


1. Stage – until 20 September 2013: Registration, Collaboration and Expression of Interest
2. Stage – 7-8 November 2013: Global Training Workshop (optional)
3. Stage – until 1 December 2013: Call for Proposals

To apply, please visit GDN’s online application platform HERE.

Please, read the guidelines and frequently asked questions carefully before applying. For any further queries contact:

The official website

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