University of Oulu calls for 107 Doctoral Students, Finland

Deadline: 16 September 2013
Open to: holders of Master’s degree or equivalent with good grades
Scholarship: salary (before tax)  ranges from about 1,770 to 3,560 Euros/month


The University of Oulu invites applications for 107 doctoral student positions for 2014 – 2017, funded by the University of Oulu (Finland) and distributed between 8 Doctoral Programmes. Six additional “open research project” positions will be allocated to applicants whose research relates to any focus area of the University of Oulu.

The positions are available from 1 January 2014, for highly motivated and talented students wishing to undertake and complete training for a research-focused doctoral degree. The durations of the funded positions are for two years, ending on 31st December 2015, or for four years, ending on 31st December 2017. Depending on the Doctoral Programme, the funded period may include a trial period of up to four months. Applicants may apply for multiple positions open in this call, but successful candidates may occupy only one doctoral student position.


All applicants must hold a Master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field by the end of 2013, and be able to demonstrate sufficient language skills in English or Finnish. The degree will have been accredited with good grades (at least 60 percent of the maximum grade in both taught studies and the Master’s thesis. Lower grades and Bachelor level degree holders will not be considered). Note that these are the minimum requirements for selection; individual Doctoral Programmes may impose additional or more stringent requirements.


The salary of the selected doctoral students will be set on levels 1–4 of the national salary scale for the teaching and research staff of Finnish universities. In addition, a supplementary remuneration will be given for personal achievement and performance, the sum rising to a maximum of 46.3 percent of whatever salary scale (1 – 4) is set for the post. The total salary for these levels (before tax) currently ranges from about 1,770 to 3,560 Euros/month for full-time employment.


All applicants must include the following documents in their application:

  1. A completed Application for doctoral student positions form (please also read the instructions on the technical issues that you might have)
  2. Scanned electronic copies of all documents requested in the Application for doctoral  student positions form, including: two signed reference letters, diplomas and transcripts of the records of previous degrees, and certificates of language proficiency tests if required
  3. Electronic copies of all additional documents requested by the Doctoral Programme to which you are applying. DETAILS for these are provided in the individual call texts of the Doctoral Programmes

You can review the POSITIONS AVAILABLE here:

  • Sub-call 1.  5 four-year doctoral student positions in Engineering, Natural sciences, and Environmental sciences(ADMA-DP);
  • Sub-call 2.  12 four-year doctoral student positions in biomedicine, molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, developmental biology, genetics, structural biology and bioinformatics (BCO-DP/A);
  • Sub-call 3.  3 four-year doctoral student positions in projects promoting international and/or national cooperation, and interdisciplinary research in biomedicine, molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, developmental biology, genetics, structural biology, bioinformatics, statistics, biocomputing, bioelectronics (BCO-DP/B)
  • Sub-call 4.  10 four-year and 5 two-year doctoral student positions in humanities, education, business (marketing and management), and human geography (EUDA-DP);
  • Sub-call 5.  7 four-year doctoral student positions in astronomy, physics, chemistry, mathematics and statistics  (Exactus-DP);
  • Sub-call 6.  20 four-year and 14 two-year doctoral student positions in electrical engineering, photonics, electronics design, electronics materials & components, computer science and engineering, communications engineering, and information processing science (InfotechDP);
  • Sub-call 7.  Multiple two-year doctoral student positions (renewable), with research periods of 3 – 12 months/year, in clinical medicine, dental science, biomedicine, health science, and medical technology (MRC Oulu-DP);
  • Sub-call 8.  4 four-year and 1 two-year doctoral student positions in accounting, economics, finance, international business, management, and marketing (OBSDP);
  • Sub-call 9.   5 four-year and 2 two-year doctoral student positions in Northern environment, climate change, resource management, wellbeing in the North, and conflict resolution  (ThuleDP);
  • Sub-call 10.  4 four-year and 2 two-year doctoral student positions for open research projects at the University of Oulu (Open-Res).

All application documents are to be submitted electronically as attachments to a single e-mail addressed to the University of Oulu Registrar’s Office (, or before 16th September, 2013, 15.00 (GMT+2hrs). Applications received after the deadline, or incomplete applications, will not be considered.

Applicants will be informed of the results of the selection process by e-mail during the second or third weeks of October, 2013. The final list of selected students will be published on the web pages of the University of Oulu Graduate School. For information concerning the specific Doctoral Programme calls and positions, please follow the instructions given in the Doctoral Programme call texts (links provided in “Positions available” above)

For more information,  please visit the official website

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