Eastern European Summer School in Bakuriani, Georgia

Deadline: 12 June 2013
Open to: Applicants with academic background and professional experience related to the issues connected with the development of the region
Venue: 1-10 August, 2013, Bakuriani, Georgia


Eastern European Summer School has an interdisciplinary character and combines various topics related to Eastern Partnership and Black Sea Region countries. The methodology of the summer school will combine lectures, seminars as well as debates around the issues raised by the courses given by European and Georgian professors. Participants will have an opportunity to choose specific issues and write analytical articles published as a final booklet of the summer school.


To be a successful scholarship candidates will need to demonstrate that their academic background and professional experience are somehow related to the issues connected with the development of the region. Applicants should also demonstrate that their personal qualities make them an appropriate representative of their respectful countries. 20 participants will be selected.


•    20 years of Democratization in Eastern Europe: Mistakes and Achievements
•    Political Institutions, Values and Ideological Ambivalences in Eastern Europe
•    Post-Communist Populism and its Political Roots
•    The Principals of Eastern Partnership: General Outline
•    Citizenship, Democracy and Activism in Eastern Europe
•    Youth and Political Participation in Post-Communist Space: Apathy and Alienation
•    Political and Economic Transitions in Eastern Europe: Experimental Oasis?
•    Inequalities, Social Injustice and Alienation in Post-Communist Space
•    Conflicts in Eastern Europe: Societal Roots
•    Freedoms without Opportunities: Neoliberal Transitions and Troubles of Eastern Europe
•    New Paradigms of Cultural Hegemony and Class Domination in Eastern Europe

The working language of the school and the entire program will be in English; participants must be able to communicate freely in English.


  • Accommodation, meals and tuition materials will be provided by organizers. Participants are required to pay just symbolic 50 Euros and cover their travel expenses.
  • Buses from Tbilisi to Bakuriani will be provided as well.

How to apply

Please submit your CV and Motivation Letter to eessbakuriani@gmail.co. The deadline for applications is 12 June 2013. 

For additional information please refer to the official Facebook page HERE or use the Information Booklet here.

5 thoughts on “Eastern European Summer School in Bakuriani, Georgia

  1. Hi mladiinfo team !

    Thank you for your wonderful initiative. My question is, is this summer school program verified ? I'm only asking because they don't seem to have a webpage or any other resources to verify with.


      1. Thank you for the prompt response. Also in addition, is it possible for students from India to apply ? If we do apply, do we just have to pay 50 Euro or do we have to fund our own travel expenses ? I think travel to and from Georgia – India comes around to 700 Euros.

        Being a student, there is no way I can fund the trip.


        1. Dear Matt,

          The participation fee is 50 euro and besides that, you will need to cover costs of travel by yourself. Probably, there is no possibility to get a scholarship to cover your travel expenses. However, you can ask directly the organizers eessbakuriani@gmail.com to be sure.

          Mladiinfo team

  2. Thank you for this opportunity!
    I only have one inquiry. I am a student of International Development Studies and my main focus is on the Balkan region and the Caucasus region. I have only completed one year of my education and will now be entering my second year of BAHons. Will this be enough for me to be eligible to apply for the Summer School?

    Best regards and thank you in advance.

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