European Youth Foundation Logo Design Contest

Deadline: 23 January 2013
Open to: individual graphic designers and youth NGOs
Prize: An online acknowledgement (on the new European Youth Foundation website), along with a thank you message and prize


The European Youth Foundation (EYF) website (AVAILABLE HERE) is undergoing various exciting changes. As part of the Foundation’s efforts to better communicate with young people throughout Europe, the EYF will launch a new website in February 2013.

In order to give young people the stakeholder rank they deserve, the EYF is searching for its first own visual identity element!

The EYF may select various proposals, which will be used in a predefined format. They hope many of you will participate! Who will the winner(s) be? The countdown has started!


An online acknowledgement (on the new EYF website), along with a thank you message and prize, will be given to the winner(s).


Use your imagination, dream of ideas and most importantly, send your proposals by 23 January 2013 to

Some suggestions to take into consideration for the visual identity element:

  • it should be clear and visible when printed in colour and in black and white on any support;
  • it should be in a square format or fitted into a square in order to be easily used on the home page of the new website;
  • it should represent the EYF values: diversity, flexibility, respect, user-friendliness; it can be a photo, a drawing, a symbol etc.

You may wish to present 2 versions: a static version and an animated version, to be used mainly on the EYF website.

An agreement will be signed between the successful individual(s)/NGO(s) and the Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation. Through the agreement, the winner will give full rights for free, for an unlimited period of time, for any use and dissemination of the visual identity element and any other purpose falling within the Council of Europe and European Youth Foundation activities.

For questions or further information, please contact the contest organizers at The original call for applications is AVAILABLE HERE.

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