Scholarships for Cultural Managers from Developing countries

Deadline: 15 September
Open to: Curators, Restorers, Museum Technicians and Cultural Managers from developing countries
Scholarship: monthly lump sum of 1,300 euros for a scholarship period of three to six months, travel costs covered


Rave Scholarships for Curators, Restorers, Museum Technicians and Cultural Managers contribute to further practical training in realising art exhibitions. These scholarships are being awarded to young curators, restorers, museum technicians and cultural managers from countries in transition and developing countries.

Ifa’s role is to promote cultural dialogue and to help people form a clearer picture of each other. Ifa also functions as a mediator of German foreign cultural policy. The Institute is funded by the German Foreign Office, the state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Stuttgart.

One of ifa’s particular fields of interest is fine art. Ifa initiates a direct cultural dialogue by supporting exhibitions of works by well-known German artists all over the world, and by promoting foreign art in ifa’s galleries in Stuttgart and Berlin. For artists within and outside of Germany, there is a wide range of material and theoretical support. However, there have been no suitable funding instruments in Germany to support those involved in actually arranging fine art exhibitions. In the course of its contacts with curators worldwide, ifa has established the need for further training in museum and cultural management. Practical, on-the-job training is needed, not theoretical learning. The Rave Scholarship provides professionals from countries in transition and developing countries with their first professional contacts in Germany. The Rave Scholarship is an investment in long term cultural exchange. The scholarship-winner will be able to gain practical experience in Germany and put it to use in his or her own home country.


• Applicant must be from a country in transition or a developing country and must still be living there
• Hitherto no opportunity yet to work in Germany for an extended period of time
• Completion of professional study or training within the last five years
• Younger than 40 years old
• Applicant must no longer be studying or involved in on-the-job training
• Confirmation (in German) from a partner institution in Germany which has agreed to take on the scholar or initiate a joint project
• A reference from the applicant’s country of origin
• Knowledge of either German or English
• Basic Knowledge of German expected
• Applicants who were rejected once cannot re-apply


• A monthly lump sum of 1,300 euros for a scholarship period of three to six months
• Travelling expenses (to and from Germany)
• Supplement for attendence of spouse in Germany
• Children’s supplement
• Health insurance (also for spouse and children)
• German course (participation in a language course is expected)


• a fully completed application form
• a CV (3 pages max.), including educational qualifications
• a project sketch (1 page) developed together with the German institution – informing about tasks and responsibilities of the planned visit to Germany
• consent form a non-commercial German institution to care for the applicant during the scholarship period in Germany
• a letter of reference from the home country
• an abridged report (2 pages max.) on the current art scene in the home country

Application send to:

Rave Foundation
c/o Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
Charlottenplatz 17
D-70173 Stuttgart
Fax +49.711.2225194
rave-stiftung( at )

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