Ankaka Wish List Video Contest – Every entry wins!

Deadline: 31 August 2012
Open to: all interested
Prize: every enttry is 20$, first prize is 300$


The 1st,2nd and 3rd Ankaka Wish List Video Contests were very successful. So here comes our 4th one.

Forget about a letter to Santa, Make a video instead!

Tell us in a 1-5 minute video why you want/need this gadget, device or toy, in an innovative and creative way! Need a new MP3 player to motivate that lazy husband? A spycam to keep an eye on the kids? Maybe a GPS for that friend of yours who ALWAYS gets lost? Let us know!!

Anything goes in your video! You can sing, dance, cry, scream, beg or plead, we don’t mind, but as this is a family friendly contest, please keep it clean. It can be a group effort or an individual piece of art, but please keep in mind; the prizes are one per entry.

Each individual or group entrant is allowed to enter 1 videos Maximum..


Anybody can apply.
Anyone who have participated in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Ankaka Wish List Video Contests are NOT eligible for this 4th Ankaka Wish List Video Contest!


First Prize: A Tablet PC, worth of $300
Second prize: A Tablet PC, worth of $150
Third Prize: A Tablet PC, worth of $120
Fourth Prize: A Tablet PC, worth of $100

Everyone else who takes the time to create and upload a video will receive a $20 store credit just for mentioning in your video!

And yes, that is for EACH video! (maximum of 1 per entrant)


You add a video on YouTube.

For any YouTube option you will require an account, but don’t worry, they are FREE and easy to setup. There are a couple different options when uploading your video to us via YouTube. You can upload the video to your own YouTube:

You can upload the video to your own YouTube account and then post it as a Video Response to our contest announcement video. To get more information about who to add a Video Response try a search on YouTube like this: How to add a video response. This should give you excellent video instructions on how to get you do a video response.

You can use the Video Response feature as above, but instead of adding a video you have already uploaded to your personal YouTube account you can upload directly to our account or create your video live with your webcam. These features are all made available after clicking the Comments > Add Video Response button on

Apply to:

The official call for this contest

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