“ToTrain is ToTransform the Future”, Training of Trainers in Intercultural Learning, Belgrade, Serbia

Deadline: 1 March 2012
Open to: Youth workers, Trainers
Venue: Belgrade – Serbia, 21-30 April 2012


The Training for Trainers in Intercultural Learning “ToTrain is ToTransform the Future” is focused on developing competences of youth workers to act as trainers, focusing on intercultural education and work in intercultural settings, by using the richness of experiential learning and non-formal education in general.

The organisation in charge of the project is “The Youth Dialogue Programme (YDP)” who has emerged from the initiative of young people from Serbia and Kosovo at the beginning of 2005, with the aim of reviving the interrupted cooperation between young Serbs and Albanians after the conflicts in 1999. The main focus of the Youth Dialogue Programme is intercultural dialogue and understanding, together with the empowerment of young people, especially the ones coming from marginalised and vulnerable groups. The organisation is dedicated to facilitating dialogue and intercultural learning of those who are separated by deep-rooted conflicts. From the experience of the organisation in this field came the realisation that there are only few youth workers/trainers who are truly capable to facilitate delicate ICL learning processes that go beyond one session required to be implemented in every international event.

The main goal of the project is to increase capacities of youth workers to promote and facilitate intercultural education as trainers and facilitators.

More specific objectives are:

  • To increase the level of knowledge of youth workers in ICL topics (culture, identity, prejudices, stereotypes, discrimination, communication, etc);
  • To develop competences of trainers in non-formal education focused on designing and facilitating Intercultural learning and to put them in practice with young people in Belgrade;
  • To empower youth workers to act as multipliers of Intercultural learning;
  • To develop practical skills in intercultural education and “awareness making” in their own communities;
  • To encourage participation and involvement of young workers in social processes;
  • To develop sense of common responsibility for the future of their local communities from a global perspective;
  • To introduce Youth in Action as a great provider of intercultural educational opportunities for young people.


The target audience are youth workers (aged 18 and above) that work in intercultural settings and need to develop in-depth skills as trainers in intercultural education. Previous training experience is desired, but not necessary.

There will be 26 participants in total and youth workers from following countries are invited to apply: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Iceland, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, UK, Turkey.


This project is funded by the Youth in Action Programme. According to its rules, all costs of board and logging will be covered by the organisers. In addition, the Youth Dialogue Programme is going to reimburse 70% of the participants’ travel costs, upon the receipt of all original tickets and invoices.

How to apply?

If you are interested in taking part in “ToTrain is ToTransform the Future”  training course, please fill in the application form on the Official Website and return it completed not later than March 1st, 2012 to baclijas@ydprogramme.org!

The Official Website

Contact for questions:
Snezana Baclija Knoch
E-Mail: baclijas@ydprogramme.org
Phone: 00381641208119

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