Student Conference in Maribor 2012

Deadline: 25th of March 2012
Open to: students under the age of 27
Costs: travel costs are not covered

The history of the Student Conference in Maribor reaches back in 1996, under a different name at that time. A few years later it got the new name and image as it has today.

Approximate number of participants has been increasing, and a few years back reached 100. At that time, most participants came from the countries of former Yugoslavia, but in the last three years the number of participants moved to around 60, which is almost half as much as a few years ago.

Every year, there are approximately 15 different countries represented from all over the world, which gives SCiM an international and intercultural touch. For example, in 2008, when SCiM celebrated its 10th anniversary, theoretical and practical workshops were based on intercultural dialogue.

In 2009 we looked for creativity and innovations for there were only creative workshops. On the other hand, we found out that participants still wanted debates and lectures on topical issues. For this reason we decided to reintroduce theoretical parts: there were 6 of them, connected to the subject matter of poverty and social exclusion. These themes were also related to current student issues, such as scholarships, youth employment, student work, poverty among youth, youth and politics.

This year’s conference will take place between the 22nd of June and the 2nd of July. During these ten days of SCiM 2012, you will have the opportunity to be active in different workshops. This year’s topic is connected with the European year of active ageing and solidarity between generations.

More info about the workshops here.


Students from all around the world are welcome to apply. Applicants must not be older than 26.


Here you can access the application form.

The Official Website

5 thoughts on “Student Conference in Maribor 2012

  1. Dear friends from Mladiinfo!

    I just want to make the following clarification – please don't mislead your readers and users – the Student Conference in Maribor has not a requirement to candidates for partisipation in this event to be up to 26 years. This is not true. Look carefuly at their web site – no any age restrictions there…

    1. Dear Valeo,

      Upon our inquiries, the organizers replied the following:
      to SCiM can apply students from all over the world. The two conditions are that an applicant has to be a student and mustn't be over 26 years old.


      If you wish for further clarification, feel free to contact the organizers as well under following address:

      Have a nice day,

    1. Dear Harish,

      Maybe that's the case because the deadline has already passed, which would mean that the application process has closed. Next time before trying to apply for something you might want to check the deadline.

      Kind regards

  2. Welcome back nino. Enjoy your days in slovenia to the fuleslt, days are sunny, perfect for chestnuts party with young wine. Yea, somehow negativity is all around us. Is killing business and people mood. But we should take a look from bright side, our homeland is such a beatiful place to live. Green forest, hills everywhere, air is clean, wather is drinkable, neihbours and friends are always ready for help, life is still slow but not so much as i was a kid. As for economy goes, well times are not perfect, but still is not so bad as we are complaining. There are people under 30s from my small town, which started their business in beginning of crises few years ago and they are doing well. With hard workin and right thinking you can make it here also. I understand your point, definitely there is more possibility to devolp your career abroad, but only slovenia is our homeland and everywhere else you will be only a foreigner. Going abroad is choosing a harder way.Wish you all the best and courage on your way. Every year it will be easier for you. Beginning is always the hardest, take care

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