Google Photography Prize

Deadline: 31 January 2012
Open to: Student in higher education aged 18 years or older
Prize: The winner will go on a once-in-a-lifetime photography trip to a destination of their choice with a professional photography coach


Google challenge you to come up with photographs that will make us laugh, cry, listen, hop on a plane, start a conversation, or start a revolution.They decided to narrow the contest to students because they know there’s a very active student photography community on the web who will hopefully be keen to accept the challenge.  Pick just one of the ten categories, share up to eight of your best shots in a public Google+ album and complete the submission form. You can have only one entry.You can submit up to eight shots.
Scores will be made up of the following criteria, each of equal weight:

  • Creativity,
  • Innovative use of the medium,
  • How well they represent the category.

They chose categories that relate to student life, are interesting creatively and shared frequently on the web. They’re excited to see what creative efforts students come up with:
Me: Show images that best capture you — moments with friends and family, dancing with your dog, or your favorite pair of beat-up sneakers.
Food: Shots that tantalize — from mouthwatering ingredients to dishes to die for.
Travel: Take us there with photos of your travels that give us a sense of place and culture.
Fashion: Here’s your chance to stroll the catwalk and reveal your fashion sense.
Action: Action takes many forms—whether it’s the raw speed of a racetrack or the gentle ripple of a waterbug on a still pond.
Street: Capture the urban vibe with big city boulevards, tree-lined avenues, or the street where you live.
Sport: Bring your A game. Show us the passion, excitement, and athleticism of sport.
Night: Keep us in the dark or light up the night. Any natural night view is eligible.
Sound/Silence: What does sound look like? Can you show us in a photo?
Point of View: Document what is happening now – from protests to celebrations.


  • If you are a student in higher education aged 18 years or older then this contest is for you.
  • Not a resident of Brazil, Quebec, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Libya, Liberia, Zimbabwe, or Myanmar (Burma)
  • Able to attend the private exhibition and announcement of the Contest winner, as detailed in Section 8, on or around 23 May 2012 at Saatchi Gallery, London in the UK.


Top 100 entries: A Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone.
Top 10 Finalists: Finalists’ work will be shown at Saatchi Gallery, London for two months which will coincide with the exhibition ‘Out of Focus: Photography’. This will be an exciting opportunity to have your work exhibited alongside that of photographers such as Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, JH Engstrom and Katy Grannan.You and your +1 will also win a trip to London to attend the exhibition opening.
Grand Prize: In addition to the exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, London the winner will go on a once-in-a-lifetime photography trip to a destination of their choice with a professional photography coach.

How to apply?

Any file format will be accepted. There is no equipment restriction; mobile photos are very welcome. Only restriction is on size: Resize your photos to 2048 pixels along the longest edge when uploading to G+. However please keep your originals as we will need these if you make the final shortlist!”.
Each category has a dedicated hashtag # (Me #megpp, Food #foodgpp,Travel #travelgpp,Fashion #fashiongpp,Action #actiongpp,Street #streetgpp,Sport #sportgpp,Night #nightgpp,Sound/Silence #soundsilencegpp,Point of view #pointofviewgpp).
1.Submit your photos to Google+
2. Fill out the submission form

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