ComPeung Grant, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Deadline: 31 March 2011 2011
Open to: artists of visual arts, media, architecture, performing arts, literature, music
Grant: 2 one-month ComPeung AiR artist grants (fully covered)

ComPeung is the first non-governmental artist-in-residence program in Thailand. Founded in 2005 by art professionals who strongly believe places that defy the mainstream art’s obsession with commerce rather than content are needed. Alternative places that experiment with and questioning the role of art, artists’ positions, and the interdependence of art and society. ComPeung aspires to be one of these places, open to all who share the seriousness and the compassion for creativity.

ComPeung, combining the two words com (a remark) and peung (appropriate), derives from Northern Thai Lanna language. Our vision and mission for ComPeung are to create those appropriate remarks, suitable to the situations, environments, and communities we deal with.

ComPeung is calling for applications for 2 one month ComPeung AiR artist grants for 2011. The 2 residencies are scheduled for September/October 2011.

About Grant

Each of the 2 grants cover:
• Air ticket to/from artist’s home country
• Transportation to/from Chiang Mai International Airport
• Small artist fee
• Accommodation/studio
• 3 home-cooked meals per day

Disciplines & Media (open list)
Visual Arts, Media, Architecture, Performing Arts, Literature, Music

How to Apply

Interested artists are to apply online only by providing:
• ComPeung Application Form (doc / pdf)
• Preliminary proposal of her/his work or project to be undertaken during the grant residency
• Curriculum Vitae (2 pages A4)
• Max 10 images of the work
• Links to sound, video/animation work and/or artist websites
All documents are to be merged into a single pdf file (not exceeding 5 MB).

Application deadline: 31 March 2011.

Notifications will be emailed by end of May 2011.

Send your application to:

The Official Website

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