Volunteering (EVS) in Moscow, Russia

Deadline: 25 December 2010
Open to: EU legal residents 18-30
Duration: September 2011 – July 2012
Fee: no fee

Volunteering in Moscow since September 2011. Costs (travel costs, accommodation, living costs, monthly allowance) are covered. Young motivated people (18 – 30 years old) are invited for the volunteering (EVS) in Moscow. The duration of the volunteering  is  from 6 to 12 months. Volunteers will spend their time in Moscow hosted by the organization The Institute of Humanitarian Development.

Tasks of a Volunteer

  • Teaching his/her mother tongue to Russian students (in case of fluency in any other language teaching of the other language is also possible)
  • Establishing and development contacts between the hosting organization and the cultural center and Embassy of the country of a volunteer
  • Designing and implementation activities for the promotion of the culture of volunteer’s country among Russian youth (festivals, evenings of traditional food, national music etc.)
  • Presentation of the Project at universities in Moscow
  • Conducting trainings on intercultural learning
  • Support of the international development of hosting organization
  • External communications with foreign partners of the hosting organization

Covered Costs

  • Travel costs
  • Visa costs
  • Local Transport
  • Administrative support
  • Accommodation in Moscow
  • Monthly allowance

The volunteers will be provided

  • Russian language course
  • Excursions
  • Personal mentors
  • Friendly international team including employees of the hosting organization and other volunteers
  • Opportunity to participate at international projects of the hosting organization taking part in Russia and outside of Russia as well
  • Facilities to design and implement personal project

Candidates must be legal residents of EU country.

Interested candidates are invited to apply for the position by sending CV and motivation letter till 25th of December.
Apply to: evsmoscow@live.com

Official Website

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    I have tried several times to e-mail the given e-mailadress. I also tried to visit the official website, bus this website apppears to not exist. I'm really interested in this project. Do you have any other possibilities to contact the organisation?

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