International Architectural Competition 2010, Serbia

Deadline: 21/10/2010
Open to: Architects  licensed / certified / registered / authorised in a professional body in their country
Fee: 200  Euro
Prizes: A total amount of €100,000 will be available for prizes and honorary mention

The subject of the architectural competition is the preparation of the Preliminary Architectural Design for the new building: Centre for the Promotion of Science. It is also required to provide urban and architectural ideas for the remaining part of the Block 39, hosting the University Campus (e.g. Universities of Belgrade: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and the Faculty of Organizational Science). The Faculty of Dramatic Arts is already part of the Block 39.

The purpose of the architectural competition is to choose, on the basis of a comparison of designs submitted, the best entry by a participant capable of creating the most suitable design in the fulfillment of the Promoter’s requirements as laid down in these Terms and Conditions, Programme and Relevant Documents. The ambition of the Competition is to identify proposals that successfully address the Centre for the Promoting of Science needs, while at the same time shedding light on the development opportunities in the area finding urban planning challenges of the Block 39.


Architects (architectural teams) may participate in the Competition if they meet the following requirements:
* Architects participating in the Competition shall be licensed / certified / registered / authorised in a professional body in their country,
* Architectural teams participating in the Competition shall have at least one licensed/certified/registered/ authorized architect who will be the team leader.

At the time of registration, competitors shall prove their professional competence by submitting a copy of a formal document on their license /registration / certification/ authorisation.
Should a winner of the competition not meet the set out professional prerequisites (or should he/she give false data in his/her portfolio), the commission shall be discussed with the next ranked competitor. At this stage, the competitors will provide duly certified copies of required documents.

Persons excluded from the Competition:
-Jurors and reserve jurors;
-Members of the Technical Committee;
-The Technical Advisor;
-Persons related to the Promoter of the Competition or who have directly participated in the preparation of the Competition assignment and  in the Competition announcement;
-The families of the above persons, as well as persons belonging to any organisation with which the abovementioned are associated as heads, officials or advisors. This stipulation also applies to members of local government and administrative authorities including the Promoter.
– Competitors may not receive direct or indirect assistance related to the Competition from the abovementioned persons

Competitors must ensure that their entries arrive at the Competition Secretariat on or before:  1 December 2010 inthe following address:
Društvo arhitekta Beograda
ul.Kneza Miloša 7a/III
11000 Belgrade
Republic of Serbia

The packages sent from foreign countries must be packed so as to facilitate customs inspection, where required.
In order to preserve anonymity, the Competition Secretariat will discard tubes and wrapping materials upon receipt.
Competitors must ensure that the date of dispatch is clearly visible on the package.
Competitors who hand-in their entries will be provided with a receipt by the Competition Secretariat.

Registration procedure
To register for this Competition, it is required to fill in the form on Registration page
During registration procedure, it is necessary to provide the following documentation:
– full contact details including telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address
– copy of license/certificate of membership in professional association proving the individual competitor’s or team representative’s right to practice the profession in his/her country of residence
– signed statement of license/certificate authenticity, under legal and moral responsibility
– copy of the bank transfer showing that the registration fee has been paid


The competitors must pay 200 Euro to the promoter of the competition for the purchase of the tender documentation (bank transfer cost should be payed by competitor). Please visit the official website for additional information.
Payment for the purchase of the tender documentation is non-reimbursable.


A total amount of 100,000 EUROS will be available for prizes and honorary mentions. It will be distributed as follows:
I prize   60,000.00 Euro
II prize  20,000.00 Euro
III prize 10,000.00 Euro
2 Honoray Mentions each of 5,000.00 Euro

The Promoter undertakes to pay the prize money within 50 days of the announcement of the results, which will take place on 21 December 2010.

The competition documentation package can be downloaded here until the day of registration.

Note that you can only register until the 21th October 2010.

Official Webpage

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