Power and Dynamics of Civil Resistance, Slovenia

Deadline: 13/10/2010
Open to:
postgraduate students
covering tuition fee and/or accommodation

Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) invites you to participate in the course Power and Dynamics of Civil Resistance. The course will be held in the frame of EMUNI Professional School, prepared in cooperation with the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) from the United States of America and the EMUNI Foundation.

The course will be held from 8 to 12 November 2010 at EMUNI University, Portorož – Piran, Slovenia. Participants that will successfully complete their study obligations will obtained ECTS credits.

Target group
Postgraduate students and others interested in any of the broadly defined subjects on the role and impact of non-state actors, and purposeful agency, civil society organizations, social movements, civic mobilization, nonviolent actions and civil resistance.

This course is designed to provide an in-depth and multi-disciplinary perspective on the dynamic of civilian-based movements and campaigns that defend and obtain basic rights and justice, halt political oppression and facilitate democratic transitions and accountable governance. The course will examine the nature and attributes of civil resistance, its historical record and effectiveness when compared to that of violent insurgency, factors that determine successes as well as failures of civil resistance, etc.

Main topics
* Idea of Power and Consent in Civil Resistance
* Historical and Contemporary Cases of Civil Resistance
* Strategic Planning and Nonviolent Tactics
* Agency / Skills versus Structures / Conditions
* Campaigns and Movements for Social and Economic Rights and Rule of Law
* Enduring Impact of Civil Resistance
* Mediatization and Media Framing of Civil Resistance

Cost and Funding
Registration fee: 100 EUR
Participants can ask for financial aid in the form of a tuition fee and/or accommodation in the Student Residence. Grants will be awarded on the basis of a recommendation letter and the grade point average of the current or previous study and the availability of financial resources.

Application procedure
Participants should apply for the course through e-registration and attach following documents:
* curriculum Vitae (recommended is Europass CV)
* copy of the transcript with grade point average of current or previous study

It is also recommended that you enclose:
* Motivation Letter (between 300-500 words) and
* Recommendation Letter(s) (of teacher or employer), which will increase your enrolment possibilities in case of enrolment restriction.

In order to apply for grants (for the tuition fee, accommodation and meals in the Students Residence) participants need to enclose a Recommendation Letter(s).

The application deadline is 13 October 2010 or until the vacancies are filled.

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