Bio:Fiction Filmfestival about Synthetic Biology

13th-14th of May 2011,Vienna

Deadline: 15/07/2010

Biotech-labs around the world are busy in the field of Synthetic Biology – a new approach to engineer “life” and living systems. The DNA of an organism is no longer manipulated, but programmed on a computer and built up from scratch. Bio:Fiction Science, Art & Filmfestival aims at attracting public awareness to this technology and its ramifications for our daily life in the future.

The organisers of the Bio:Fiction Filmfestival are inviting filmmakers to share their cinematic visions of a future biotech society and take part in an international short fiction, documentary and animation film-competiton.

* The film should be either in English, German or at least subtitled in one of these languages.
* extremely short (<3min)
* shortfilm (3 – 15min)
* documentary films of any duration
* animated film (up ot 15min)

For more specific info about film features click here.

Awards will be given in following categories:
1. Short Fiction
2. Documentary Film
3. Animation
4. Audience Award
5. Special Award of the Jury

Submission procedure

All interested participants should submit following:
1. preview copy,
2. signed entry form,
3. short synopsis,
4. bio- and filmography of the author,
5. CD or floppy with stills.

All materials need to be submitted by 15th July 2010 to following address:

Bio:Fiction Film & Art Festival
Kaiserstrasse 50/6A-1070 – Vienna
Österreich / Austria (Europe)

With any further queries contact:

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