Luksuz Film Festival, Slovenia

20th – 21st August 2010

Call for:
modern media (video, film, internet..) entries
Deadline: 01/07/2010

Luksuz film festival wants to show short and low budget production of domestic and foreign authorial, experimental, alternative, activists’ films and videos, which are made especially by young autors (<30) in traditional or “garage” productions, in the clubs, in the frames of non-commercial, experimental, authorial, non-institutional productions and mean the alternative cultural media image to otherwise dominant official mass distributors’ offer, which is mainly controlled by big distributors with traditional “hollywood” programme.

Especially welcome are:
* films which have the subject society and culture;
* films with social critic meaning;
* films which show youth culture;
* films with the subject of cultural diversity.

1. Short fiction (drama, comedy, action, any other genre)
2. Short animation (all kinds)
3. Documentary

For more specific information about the film requirements click here.

Submission procedure
All interested participants should submit:
1. application form
2. film on miniDV tape (PAL only) or Data-DVD/CD (please send .avi or .mov file – Video: DV PAL 720×576, Sound: 48Hz).
These copies will be used for preview and screening.

NB. Each film must be sent along with the following enclosures :
– Printed, filled out and signed entry form and declaration
– Filled entry form sent as attachment by e-mail
– If available photo or still from the film (e-mailed as .jpg attachment, 200 dpi).

All the mentioned documents and film need to be sent to:

DZMP Krško
(Luksuz film festival)
Cesta 4. julija 58
SI – 8270 Krško

The submission deadline is 1st July 2010.

With any further queries contact:

More detailed info

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